Oct 18, 2021

Promise And Promotion In Allentown

While the Morning Call promises us the news in its promotions, it mostly promotes Promise Neighborhood and other woke distractions from our grim reality. While the shooting  at the Lancaster Mall still didn't make the Morning Call by Monday morning, the weekend paper was full with an essay on Hasshan Batts' Promise Neighborhood,  marching against the shootings in Allentown last week.

My issue with the Hasshan Battses of Allentown is not only the distraction from what I call the grim news of Allentown's reality, but also the effort to divert precious public safety funds from actual law enforcement.  While Batts' employee Cynthia Mota  and other distractors actually sit on council, so far the mayor's office realizes that our survival lies with the police department. Nevertheless, those seeking office must pay homage to Batts and other opportunists in the new violence industry.  It doesn't help that the paper and their cub reporters drink the woke kool-aid which will eventually be our demise.

While our aspiring politicians must appease the defunders to harvest enough votes to win, and our paper also wrongly wallows in that mentality, this blog understands that our future relies on the Blue.


  1. Hassan Batts should not even be involved with Promise Neighborhoods. HE is a twice convicted felon for distributing drugs.

  2. More symbolism over substance, it accomplishes nothing. Marching and ribbons will never solve these problems. Only getting violent offenders off the street permanently and creating an environment that discourages lawbreaking will succeed. It is doubtful any of these people really want to solve these problems.

  3. I have written before that local progresives support the 8cantwait plan, mentioned during last weeks pbs debate, and 8toabolition plan which also includes abolishing the prisons, DAs office, Sheriffs office and legalizing drugs, drug dealing, prostitution, trespassing, people living in tents on your front lawn and denying you the right to call police and have them removed, public urination and defecation, and creating raced based policing by tracking the race of the caller to 911.

    We risk seeing Allentown become Portland and San Francisco.