Oct 26, 2021

Morning Call's Hot Air

Readers may recall that not so long ago I took the Morning Call to task for promoting an announced candidate, Mark Pinsley, in one opinion piece after another.  Pinsley is a political opportunist, who has run for higher offices after just getting elected to a lessor one. Within the last few years he has run for South Whitehall commissioner, Lehigh County controller, and state senator, now for the second time. 

My first post on this topic was triggered by the frequency of his editorials, complete with a large portrait of him. In the last year the Morning Call ran his opinion pieces about once a month.  

What brings us to today's post is his current editorial on airship travel from LVIA to NYC.  Never mind that no such thing exists anywhere, and its only purpose is to provide another opportunity for candidate Pinsley's oversize portrait. Perhaps the paper, rather than submit its paid readership to nonsense editorials, could go ahead and feature Pinsley's picture on the front page every day, but leave space on the editorial page for other people writing about real issues.


  1. For what's it's worth I found Millo odd but it wasn't my district. Millo is what he is, but Pinzley looks insane and ridiculous after this ludicrous op-ed. Of course even more buffoonish is the Call for publishing this.

  2. I feel that The Morning Call did the voters a great service by publishing Mr.Pinsley's Wacky Opinions. I seem to recall Watson Skinner proposed an Ultra-Light aircraft to patrol Lehigh Parkway