Aug 2, 2021

A Midsummer Night's Dream on Hamilton Street

Early Saturday morning I bumped into a Hamilton Street merchant I know, there's not that many of them nowadays. He told me about the Blues, Brews & Barbeque*, and that he was hoping for a crowded Hamilton Street...He certainly got his wish.  If the crowd was fortified from a pent up demand from the pandemic, regardless, people were there in force.  People who enjoyed themselves are likely to return for the next event. 

The diverse, middle class crowd resembled Hamilton Street of yesteryears. While Allentown cannot sponsor a festival everyday,  I'm sure that J.B. Reilly had pleasant dreams Saturday night. 

While people are not used to me writing something positive about downtown and the NIZ, I'm more than happy to report on good days there.

*kudos to event coordinators Miriam Huertas and Betsy Kohl

photocredit:Jeff Barber


  1. I was there and shot a lot of photos, it was a wonderful sight to see. Happy smiling faces enjoying themselves with great music, food and drinks, The tables were spaced far enough apart. I really did not see any masks, including myself. in fact the people giving the Covid tests on the square didn't have masks on. It is very confusing about the shots and masks anyway, They say the shots are not working because so many with shots still get Covid and others say the masks don't work. so who should we believe? I guess we are all sick of the conflicting information. Like the Boy in the Bubble, We will take our chances.

  2. "Midsummer Nightmare"
    Dont let the REILLYVILLE bubble burst, maybe the vendors should kick in 100$ a piece to clean up garbage in that subsection of town. The monies should be donated to PAs CHIP fund, wait a minute there is the Reilly children's hospital at LVHN cedercrest.