Jun 15, 2021

What The Morning Call Could Learn From Allentown

I chuckled the other day when I read Bill White's column about what developers could learn from Levittown.  White was referring to the planned neighborhood development in the early 1950's with its own school.  What he didn't realize was that south Allentown's Little Lehigh Manor, from the early 1940's, was one of first in the country complete with its own school. It was followed in a couple of years by Midway Manor on the east side.

Allentown and the Lehigh Valley led the way during post war era with its heavy industry, commerce and technology. More so, we had a locally owned paper familiar with both the history and local doings of the time. The publisher then was a founder and partner in Park & Shop, a cornerstone of the booming Hamilton Street in Allentown. 

The Morning Call changed from local ownership to national newspaper chains. Although only a few blocks from city hall, they were clueless about a mayor rigging contracts for over a decade. Whistle blowers such as myself were branded naysayers and blocked from the letters page. 

Now I still learn from the paper...There are good reporters covering local government and events. However, it is up to readers and local commentators like myself to point out patterns and possible abuses.... The Morning Call has no motivation to take on the establishment in any way.

photo shows Mayday at Parkway Elementary School, one of the first planned neighborhood schools in the country

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