May 5, 2021

The History Mission Of molovinsky on allentown

Since its inception, molovinsky on allentown has published local history along with political commentary. Allentown has become a city of immigrants; whether it's our from out of town mayor and his from out of town staff, or our new population demographics, it's difficult to find someone who has lived here for more than twenty years. Redevelopment is nothing new to Allentown. Entire neighborhoods and portions of Hamilton Street have disappeared in the past. There has never been a shortage of new bridges or political ambition. This blog, unencumbered by considerations of political correctness or business promotion, posts these short historical markers, as reference points for the curious.

When opened 1913, the Eighth Street Bridge was the longest and highest reinforced concrete arch bridge in the world. The Lehigh Valley Transit Company organized the Allentown Bridge Company in 1911 for the sole purpose of building the bridge. The structure operated as a toll bridge from its November 17, 1913 opening until the 1950s, at which time the toll was five cents for an automobile. The concrete standards that once supported the trolley wire are still standing. Harry C. Trexler, founding member of the Transit Company and Lehigh Portland Cement Co., was a principle player in the construction of this bridge. General Trexler's grave-site, in Fairview Cemetery on Lehigh Street, affords unique views of the bridge and center city Allentown.

reprinted from January of 2014

UPDATE MAY 5, 2021: The shenanigans of the out of town mayor finally caught up with him a few years ago, and he is now a guest at a federal facility.  I believe that this blog played a role in highlighting some injustices from that period. The local newspaper was missing in action until the indictment,  and still continues to support the status quo and current sacred cows.  

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