May 7, 2021

Geriatric Rants Hurt Allentown

The other day on facebook, I stumbled upon these kind words about me, You can never trust Molovinsky's geriatric incessant rants about the city. He hates the city.... The young man who wrote this is one of the city's new gung ho boosters. I find his animosity curious. I understand those who are enthralled with Allentown's transformation. These new buildings, if on Hamilton Street or the waterfront, are the city's new reality. Hopefully, they will prosper, and give Allentown a long overdue awakening. However, these changes were not without victims and consequences. These changes deserve some scrutiny, which was for the most part was not provided by the local press. I'm proud that this blog could shine a light on some of the shenanigans, even if it makes some people uncomfortable. With the local paper acting practically as a promoter, I would think that a little balance is in order. The young man must think that my negativity will stop the city's renaissance. I assure him that J.B. Reilly will continue building, as long as the NIZ keeps transferring the tax money to him. But, what happens with no scrutiny is that too many people are tempted to get a taste for themselves, sometimes even a mayor.  Allentown is actually in for some real hurt, much more severe than my ranting. The mayor refuses to resign, and the city charter provides no remedy until which time he is actually convicted.  When that pending calamity finally occurs, Allentown will be rudderless for an extended period.  Hopefully, I will not be blamed for that coming commotion.

above reprinted from March of 2016

UPDATE APRIL 22, 2020: Of course now in 2020, Mayor Pawlowski is old news.  I'm in my sixth year of defending Wehr's Dam.  Despite the voter's referendum in 2016 to save the dam, the Wildland Conservancy continues their plot to demolish it. While the Morning Call refuses to publish my expose about that conspiracy,  they continue to promote the Wildlands Conservancy.  Hopefully, my incessant rants will continue, because the backroom shenanigans against the citizenry certainly do.

UPDATE APRIL 7, 2021: In solid Democratic Allentown, which hasn't elected a Republican since the 1990's,  the upcoming primary is essentially the election.  With such a large field splintering the vote,  more voters than not will be disappointed with the result. A massive residential development project has finally awakened South Whitehall to their sleepy board of commissioners.  Hopefully, board queen Tori Morgan's reign will end, and the township can begin life in the 21st Century.  Although I'm more geriatric than ever,  I'm still fighting for Wehr's Dam and other things important to the people of Lehigh Valley. 

photo of blogger at Wehr's Dam 2014

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  1. From what I saw when I was back home to Allentown ! It looks more like a third world city ! All the incredible building architecture is gone now is cookie cutter buildings ! Not something to brag about !!!