May 25, 2020

Loyalty Bites Browning

In regard to the 7th Congressional contest, I fully intended this blog to be neutral, and probably silent. On that note, or lack of it, I certainly wouldn't be commenting on the primary race. However, with Trumps' tweets... Whatever you think of him, he certainly has introduced that medium into politics.

His tweet on Friday supporting Lisa Scheller was surprising, and certainly surprising to no one more than Dean Browning. Whatever you thought of Browning, nobody could question his support of Trump.

Primaries are usually the realm of super-voters. I suppose with this year's massive mail-in ballots, it might be more inclusive than normal. Browning contends that the Trump endorsement came from Scheller's money and connections. I suppose that the more informed members of his party might agree with that conclusion. However, if they conclude that those attributes are a positive or negative, is less clear to me.

What is clear to me is my choice of party, unaffiliated or independent, with a small i. In Pennsylvania I sacrifice my right to vote in the primary, but the alternative would be too costly for me. Imagine getting paid back for years of loyalty like Browning just did.

photocredit:The Morning Call

UPDATE: Same topic covered by Bernie O'Hare today


  1. As Howard Stern pointed out in his interview last May with Anderson Cooper, Trump likes to be buttered up. That is exactly what Lisa did in her TV campaign video mentioning him by name. No doubt he got wind of that and that's all it took.

  2. I don't think Browning got bitten for loyalty, nor do I think the President was "buttered up" by anyone.

    If Browning was bitten by anything, it's by his own record and the sleazy smear campaigns he seems to run just about every election cycle. He lied to voters about raising county taxes, he lied about Lehigh county being a sanctuary city, and he lies about every person he runs against with vicious personal attacks. This has been to the benefit of the democrat candidates in those races.

    His scorched-earth campaign style and lack of integrity has forced previous Republican candidates to spend enormous amounts of money in primary races and even more trying to counter his lingering false allegations in the general elections.

    While Dean has tried to portray himself as the pro-Trump candidate to appeal to Republican voters, he has a track record of deceit. The President's advisors surely looked at all this and decided to endorse a quality candidate in Lisa Scheller, who served admirably as county commissioner and will actually be able to beat Susan Wild.

    I can only hope that Browning proves that I'm wrong about his numerous lies. He's said he supports the President 100%, so I'd be happy to see him live up to his word by supporting the President's endorsement, dropping out of the primary race and endorsing Scheller.

    Of course that's too much to expect out of Browning, but either way I look forward to Scheller replacing Wild. Wild has been nothing more than a democrat minion in the House and hasn't done much for the Lehigh Valley.

  3. Writing from an informed perspective I can tell you Lisa was endorsed by the RNC for two reasons, she is a woman and she is worth 200 million dollars according to her campaign disclosure statement. As a formality Trump signed off on this choice, doubt he even has the time to know who either candidate is. And scorched earth against Lisa? Really, do you only have one eye to see, one ear to hear? It's been an ugly campaign on both sides. Woodman and now his former companion Lisa have always hated Dean since the send back vote, a hatred akin what we see directed at Trump from the left. They have been spewing vitriol at Dean for the past twelve years and certain people have sadly fallen for it. Dean is not perfect, none of us are, but he is nothing near to what is described of him by Sheller\Woodman and company.

  4. Scott at 12:51

    Scheller wasn't endorsed by the RNC, she was personally endorsed by President Trump.

    I hope you're not saying that the President's endorsement could be bought, and I'm sure you'd be touting it had Browning gotten it instead. Trump doesn't just sign off on personal endorsements, and the fact that he chose to endorse in the primary should tell you all you need to know about the candidates.

    As far as it being an ugly campaign on both sides and Scheller hating Dean, spare me. The reality is that Browning ALWAYS runs dirty primary races that damage the winning Republican candidate (which means whoever Browning is running against), and then works to undermine that candidate in the general after falsely pledging his support.

    He's smeared Scheller and Vic Mazziotti in previous commissioner races; Brad Osborne in the last County Executive race, and Marty Nothstein in the 2018 Congressional primary. And after pledging his support to Nothstein after he lost that race, Browning then offered to share the "dirt" he had on Nothstein with Susan Wild (who made Browning's actions public).

    Far from being a bystander in the mudslinging, Browning always initiates it. He is driven by a personal lust for power and has done more to help elect democrats in the Valley than the local democrat party.

    Browning's recycled lies are the result of a lack of character. I can only hope that after Scheller wins the primary next week, that Browning slithers back into his hole for the last time.

  5. See this is when knowing what one's talking about is important. Lisa, for your information was endorsed by the RNC/RNCC last November. She was endorsed for the reasons I mentioned above. Trump pro facto endorsed Sheller last week. Hey, congratulations to her, but if Dean had been a woman with 220 million he would have been endorsed instead. It really is that simple, trust me. Yes, Dean is a very bad man, we all must hate him. Everyone always says nice things about him and in return he is really mean and nasty. Please, I'm laughing writing this. I know all involved very well(except Lisa whom I have had only casual conversations), they are all friends. Politics is a rough game, especially primaries. Those involved understand that, those who don't better get out. Both Lisa and Dean can take it and the winner will be better off as a result of this campaign. Why? Answer; do you think all the charges flying back and forth between Dean and Lisa are a surprise to Susan Wild? Think again, she was hoping to use everyone of them in the fall. Now they will be old news.