May 8, 2018

The Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll

The Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll is like a broken clock, but it might be right in the race for the new 7th Congressional District.  The poll has Morganelli besting Wild and Edwards,  with a  good chance of winning in November. In the Republican Primary, it has Nothstein prevailing over Browning.

With Morganelli being more of centrist, and Dent demonstrating over the years that this political  philosophy resonates in the valley,  he may well win the Democratic primary.  Furthermore, to Morganelli's advantage,  I see the dedicated  progressive vote being split between Wild and Edwards.

While the new district gives the Democrats a slight advantage for November,  enormous sums of money will come into play for that election. Large sums have already come into play for the primary.

The Morning Call's Bill White, while wearing a virtual pink hat against Trump, has remained neutral in the primary.  Here in the local blogosphere I remain neutral, while Bernie O'Hare campaigns for Morganelli by bashing Wild.

The fall campaign will be hyper-charged by the special election to represent us for two months.  I expect the primary winners to also be the appointed candidates for that election.

The above photo of the Edwards/Sanders rally at Symphony Hall was taken by Kim Schaffer


Fire the incompetants said...

Mike, I agree with your assessment. This valley is not a hot spot for the alleged progressive [ultra liberal] voters. The centrist vote will rule, therefore I see a Morganelli v. Nothstein battle in November. As long as we get a representative who will actually put forth Valley needs over an establishment agenda that does nothing.

The true Charlie Dent showed his true colors by retiring early, causing a special election, and creating havoc to the system; all because of his dislike for the current populist movement in Washington. In barroom parlance, we call his chickensh_t actions bullsh_t!

It is time to put somebody in who will make a difference and this election is crucial in this cause.

Mike Baker said...

I prefer a candidate who has not tried to curry favor with Trump.
Morganelli is no more a centrist than Dent was. They only appear centrist compared to the radical right tea partiers.
Progressives are not ultraliberals. They are more centrist than tea partiers or conservatives in terms of their support of the 99% instead of the rich, corporations and fascists.