Apr 16, 2018

A Meat Market In Easton

When I was in high school my father owned a small meat market in Easton.  It was called Melbern, and was on South 4th Street. That small row of old buildings was replaced in the early 1980's by the current KWM Insurance Agency.  I spent my high school summers working in the meat market,  and exploring Northampton Street on my lunch breaks.

Recently, I returned to retrace my steps. Back then I would walk down to the circle for lunch,  usually stopping to visit a friend who worked at the lunchmeat counter in the five and dime.  The circle is still busy with a lunch crowd,  even without a NIZ subsidized by Pennsylvania taxpayers.

The buildings, for the most part, are original and charming.  Easton is up and coming,  because it wasn't lucky enough to become revitalized with sterile towers of architectural mediocrity.

I even stopped in to visit Sal Panto at the new city hall. I suspect he saw me coming through a surveillance system,  because his secretary assured me that he wasn't in.

photo of Easton Center Square, 1948


Fire the incompetants said...

A very quaint town with a good public safety plan and people in place. Not like Allentown. Yes, they got their problems and handle them proactively, not so much in the Little apple. We have uninformed voters retaining a criminal dictator [Ed Pawlowski] and we have a block of them who support a dictator who uses weapons of mass destruction on children. They see nothing wrong with dictators using WMD or bending the law for their political campaigns.

Meanwhile, the developers, [Reilly, Topper, Butz, and Jaindl] build palatial buildings, sell and lease retail parts of it, receive massive amounts of cash for it, all at the expense of the taxpayers.

There is quite a difference, lets see who survives in the long run.

Scott Armstrong said...

Watch out for new candidates on their donor lists.

Robert Trotner said...

Scott, you raise an outstanding point.

Scott Armstrong said...

There truly is a more of the same candidate in the Republican congressional primary here.

JoshLCowen said...

Easton should be applauded for its approach to its growth and development. Panto, aside from his left-wing, bring-on-all-the-illegals-you-can, has done a good job and really loves his city. I like the fact that Easton's growth comes with mostly local dollars. I do, however, think they have not come close to filling their potential with those sainted millennials who should be flooding into downtown Easton for residences. That puts them right near the bus terminal to NY and only a bit over an hour to Manhattan.