Mar 5, 2018

The Pawlowski Aftermath

It was interesting reading the comments on facebook and elsewhere Friday morning. Proclamations of a new day and fresh start, especially by local current politicians, are amusing. I don't know one who wasn't in bed with Pawlowski at one time or another over the years. I don't know one who didn't benefit by those ties. Pawlowski specialized in developing the ties that bind. I was also amused by his sycophants who expressed sympathy to his wife; Lisa Pawlowski was very much part of the insider loop, and exerted herself against his opponents throughout his reign.

Gotta love State Representatives Schlossberg and Schweyer chiming in about moving forward from this painful chapter. They must have forgotten all the yes votes they gave Pawlowski when they served on city council.

Although I appreciated blogger Bernie O'Hare's acknowledgment that this blog first educated him about Pawlowski, I  disagree with him about Bill White occasionally questioning the mayor's motives. Bill White was silent until the FBI raided city hall in 2015.  As a columnist, he had the leeway to question the administration throughout the years. The paper's blatant promotion of the NIZ has been a journalistic compromise. The Morning Call building was included in the NIZ, even though it stood alone across the street from the district. Not only does the paper turn a blind eye toward their obvious  conflict of interest,  but Bill White actually referred to me as misguided in my criticism of the district.

Now that Pawlowski's resignation is inevitable, former supporters are climbing over each other, purporting to be reformers. Ironically, the charter rules may preclude the two most eager candidates, O'Connell and MacLean, from being eligible.  Although Nat Hyman is interested in gauging the temperature, I know back-channel that certain council members have no appetite for that idea. Charlie Thiel may well end up the default candidate, if O'Connell and MacLean are indeed blocked by the city charter.

I would hope that whoever is appointed will come to somewhat resent this blog.  Otherwise, I may not be properly fulfilling its mission.

Welcome to Molovinsky On Allentown. This blog is produced every weekday to illuminate local politics and history.  I am an independent monitor and an occasional activist.  The blog is loyal only to issues, not elected officials. Your comments are welcome and your readership is appreciated.

above photo from The Morning Call


Scott Armstrong said...


Excellent commentary as always. I don't trust any of the current city leaders although I believe Roger is less tainted than the rest. Bill White was AWOL for the first 10 years of Ed's reign of corruption. End of story, so were many others. We know who they are.

Charlie Thiel was from the rat pack. Time to move beyond that bunch. I would suggest we go back to those Ed purged from city hall because he couldn't count on them to be total sycophants. I remember when Betsy Levin left. She gave up a her city job (recycling solid waste,community development director)because she was appalled by what she was witnessing in city hall. That is exactly the kind of person we need now! I doubt she is even thinking about it. Again! Exactly the type of person we need!

Fire the incompetants said...

Great job MM and Scott. I do believe any connection to the guilty one, [Boss Hogg], should not be considered for the Office of Mayor. In addition, all department heads appointed by him should be systematically replaced. I know this would be expensive and cumbersome, however, the acting Mayor has almost two years to accomplish this. Anybody worth saving during this period [double secret probation] would be retained.

This government has to be cleansed and the only way in getting rid of the stench is to sanitize it.

Personally, a whole new public safety rework is needed. The fire department has been ignored for too long and the police department is aimlessly stuck in neutral without qualified leadership and new effective programs to take control in the neglected neighborhoods.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:23, all things considered, i would find MacLean acceptable.

fire@8:57, i don't believe that city hall can or should be sanitized. i think that would be unfair and totally disruptive.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In 2008, White specifically addressed my complaint that Fed Ed was taking free meals at a local restaurant and walking out without bothering to tip the waitstaff. Since I spoke to the waitresses involved, I stand by those accusations today.

White contacted Fed Ed, got his side of the story (something Fed Ed refused to do with me) and also published both sides, along with Fed Ed's complaint that I was unworthy of belief bc I live "in the boonies." So Bill White did as I said, sometimes question pawlowski about some of my claims. This is not a matter of debate and is factually accurate. It is factually inaccurate to say there was no criticism of Pawlowski until after he was indicted.

There are other instances in which White questioned Fed Ed's style. The Morning Call archives leave a lot to be desired or I could cite numerous examples. But I clearly remember the 2008 example bc it involved me.

You and Scott Armstrong are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Fire the incompetants said...

Billy's diner was a major haunt of the soon to be deposed. He rarely paid any meal tickets and on numerous occasions left the wait staff nothing. This came directly from personnel who worked there.

As far as sanitizing city hall, I agree it would be disruptive, but in the long run it would be the most productive thing an acting mayor can do. If the duly elected mayor in 2019 wants to continue in Pawlowski's wake, so be it; it is his political funeral!

I personally like Roger MacLean, however, as Pawlowski's Chief of Police, he did not buck the rotund one and produced no new initiatives to recapture the neighborhoods. He slid into retirement after 7-years with a very healthy DROP pension and no new programs, [except for the city-wide camera system paid by federal dollars]. He did accomplish keeping the depleted department above water, but did nothing to keep Pawlowski's hands off of force complement; necessitating the department to work short-handed continuously.

Scott Armstrong said...


The facts are Bill White never wrote about the obvious pay to play until the FBI came to town. Those are the facts.

Have a nice day

Scott Armstrong said...

I am not asking city hall to be "sanitized". I am saying we need to find people who weren't part of the Pawlowski rubber stamp government either as an elected official or appointed members of boards and commissions. Ed had a hand in putting almost everyone of these people into their current spots. Enough said.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie o'hare@10:32, if you wish to portray Bill White as a critic of Pawlowski prior to the FBI raid, because he questioned him about not paying for a meal or not leaving a tip, then label your version as fact and mine as opinion, that is absurd. Bill White is essentially the editor of the Morning Call. You cannot criticize the Morning Call about their coverage of Pawlowski and exonerate Bill White at the same time, despite your loyalty to him.

ironpigpen said...

I enjoyed reading that front page, above the fold article in The Morning Call today, the one featuring the seriously conflicted juror who seems to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Great stuff.

What's 47 Felony Convictions Among Friends? Committee

Scott Armstrong said...

People routinely fail to understand that con artists are always 'great people" with nice families.Being charming and pretending to care is the essence of of the con. It is also a fact that many criminals maintain the facade of the good family men. It works for them, nice cover.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

The frightening thing is that, after a brief regency, we taxpayers and Allentown's teeming dependent class will have to chose a Mayor.

Remember when a large assortment of losers had a group campaign poster with Chicago Eddy's head enlarged to hideous proportions in the upper right hand corner, floating like an untethered Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon? G-d help us, one of those uninspiring non-entities and crookophiles is likely to be Mayor.

With *extremely* rare exceptions (me, to name one of only about six or seven people), if I know the person's name, I don't want them to be Mayor.

Honestly, I think we should have a lottery.

Pick a name at random from whatever database we use for jury duty, add the further restriction that the person must be *both* a net taxpayer of the productive class *and* a resident of Allentown for three generations or more, and we couldn't possibly do any worse under that arrangement than we're very likely to do now.