Mar 7, 2018

Storm Over Allentown

With the pending heavy snow today,  City Council has postponed tonight's meeting which might have approved Tom Muller as Managing Director.  More importantly,  Pawlowski's appearance in front of the judge on Friday has also been called off.  There was speculation that Pawlowski might have resigned as mayor at that appearance,  depending on what demands were imposed by the court.

After speaking to several city employees in the last couple days,  I can tell you that these storm related postponements are salt on the city's wounds.  Morale has bottomed out and is only going lower.  The word paralysis was used.   I do not mean to imply that the snow will be not be plowed, or other essential services not performed.  Rather, strategic planning is on hold, with no one at the top to give the go ahead.

While Pawlowski may still receive some personal empathy from a few former supporters,  everybody has requested that he resign from office.   HIs continued refusal to do so illustrates how truly superficial is his regard for Allentown.  

1983 record snow storm in Allentown, Morning Call photo


Fire the incompetants said...

A free paycheck; paid up medical benefits; more pension credit; why leave? This self-centered, egotistic, narcissistic, unremorseful scam artist will only leave when forced to by jail time. Even the sham council meeting will have no effect, unless they formally warn him to stay off city property and have APD posted at the doors and arrest him when he violates the law committing Criminal Trespass.

This part of the drama is only beginning. This parasite, and his illustrious wife, will not leave city hall or Allentown without federal intervention or paid departure.

It has always been about them, not the citizens of Allentown! Of course, the uniformed, the overindulging middle-east benefactors, the righteous religious zealots, his sycophants, and the O'Connell/Hendricks plan put him back into his office, therefore, his many supporters who love him, want him to stay despite the fact he is a criminal. Allentown, the city without limits!

Jamie Kelton said...

It appears that Pawlowski will have to be shown the door. Probably on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'm sure the Federal Judge will demand he resign forthwith as part of the hearing in order to keep his bond and remain out of jail.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

It's hard to believe (well, no it isn't) that the ethically impaired Tom Muller is still in the running. How is it still a go for the ol' public document destroyer and forced-membership union boss handmaiden to become Managing Director?

This is nothing more than Pawlowski lite...