Mar 27, 2018

Right Time For John Bolton

I fully understand that many liberals have the notion that John Bolton is a warmonger....That is simply misinformation. As I was impressed with Trump's selection of Rex Tillerson in year one,  I consider Bolton another quality appointment.  I believe that in our extreme polarized political climate, any appointment made would be criticized.  However, considering Iran's aggression across the middle east,  Bolton has the necessary background to inspire caution in our adversaries.

Bolton, in addition to being a former United Nations Ambassador, was involved in national security positions with both Bush Administrations. He may well be the most informed candidate on national security issues that Trump could have chosen.


Fire the incompetants said...

An excellent choice, should have been the Secretary of State before Rex Tillerson. He's intelligent, smart, experienced and proficient. The ultra left will call him a war-hawk, but he believes in carrying a big stick; something other Trump cabinet appointees lacked. Sometimes the U.S. has to show its' muscles: Something the O'bama administration refused to do!

doug_b said...

Bolton is a great choice. No more BS.

I never understood why the US seems to always pay more than it's fair share: UN, NATO, unilateral trade agreements, and NAFTA, just to name a few. In 1992 Ross Perot said: "If we adapt NAFA - you will hear a great big sucking sound - the jobs leaving the US."

Ross was right: Giant sucking sound:

The media has just about destroyed any credibility it once had. The CBS Stormy Daniels 'interview' - was nothing except to embarrass the president. Consensual sex is not a crime. At one time, items like this, were fodder for the National Enquirer, not major network news.

The election of Trump has caused the Left (not old school Democrats) to reveal it's "Hand" - it is communistic, and will go to any length to assert it's power to shape our country.

TRENT HALL said...

Trump is qualified to lead.....he won the war on Christmas, and he avoided getting HIV despite all those hookers. I’d say this qualifies him to lead.

Bolton is just like Attila the Hun but without all the charm and humanity.
Cadet Bone Spurs and Bolton, quite a pair of ChickenHawks.

Trump is an ignoramus, Bolton is a warmonger. What could go wrong?

JoshLCowen said...

It appears that when one stands firmly in defense of our country he becomes a war monger in the eyes of liberals.

Robert Trotner said...

A neocon

Huck Weaver said...

This Bolton appears to be another 'Chickenhawk' left over from Vietnam.