Mar 15, 2018

Charlie Thiel's New Campaign

In addition to Charlie Thiel submitting his application to city council for interim mayor, he has taken to publicize his bid on social media. Although council has sought applications, the $64 thousand dollar question is whether O'Connell and MacLean are eligible themselves under the charter? While it is common knowledge that O'Connell wants the appointment, the next question centers on MacLean; Does he want to remain mayor beyond the current 30 days? If so, but he and O'Connell are advised that they are ineligible, only then does Charlie's application become viable.  Assuming we reach that point, the vote lies with 7 people, not the public, which Thiel is now reaching out to.

On the subject of the upcoming appointed interim mayor,  I was victimized by a fabrication the other day from Bernie O'Hare in his post promoting Ray O'Connell, and I chose to refrain from setting the record straight.  My reply will have to wait until which time the new mayor is appointed.  Unlike pompous O'Hare,  I have no desires or delusions about being a junior kingmaker.

Among other members of the public who have expressed an interest in the mayor vacancy are Nat Hyman and supposedly Sam Bennett.  Council will start public deliberations on March 26.


Fire the incompetants said...

First, I wouldn't put any creedence in Dan McCarthy's volunteer decision. He is not the solicitor, being appointed by the tainted one, Edwin Pawlowski, and with the title of "Acting Solicitor", and he was not asked by council to submit a position in this matter. Second, there is precedent in this issue made by the former solicitor Susan Ellis Wilde, albeit a verbal decision, instead of a written opinion, granting elected officials access to certain city positions without the HRC mandate.

Before this explodes into court actions, costing the city money, council should reverse all of Pawlwoski's temporary or acting positions immediately. If they don't have the power, Acting Mayor MacLean does! However, possible charges of "conflict of interest" may be leveled against him if he decides to seek this office.

In any way, the former mayor still controls the government to some extent. This is another way the Chicago slickster is still undermining city hall. The only way out of this mess is that Acting Mayor MacLean relinquish any desires to become Interim Mayor, fire all acting or temporary appointees by Pawlwoski, let the 2nd rate law precedent take effect, and move forward. This is another reason I advocate complete sanitizing of City Hall. Otherwise, Pawlowski will be running the city from a jail cell.

michael molovinsky said...

Scott Armstrong, who is having some technical difficulty, asked me to post the following on his behalf:

It would be wise to disregard any opinions written by any Allentown City solicitor in the past decade. They, the solicitors, were to one degree or another, part of the problem.
Scott Armstrong

Robert Trotner said...

According to @emilyopilo, MacLean tabled the vote on Dan McCarthy last night and implied to her that he was doing it on advice of McCarthy. That seems to me like an ominous first step.

pathfinder said...

The opinion that will stand is Susan Wild's. She is an excellent attorney and proved it during her time as Allentown's Solicitor during a very trying time for the city. The endorsement for her current PA-7 campaign from none other than the former Federal prosecutor, Joe Khan is proof of that.

Charlie Thiel is no better than Ed Pawlowski was. He engaged in pay-to-play and supported Ed Pawlowski. Ed Pawlowski supported Charlie Thiel in his various attempts for political office including his current one on the Allentown School Board.

I also agree with Fire, that the incoming Mayor has to clean house of Pawlowski hires and appointees. This list includes Mike Moore, Ismael Arcelay, Lindsay Taylor, and appointees to the Ethics Board and Human Relations Commission. Also has to remove NMM Lawyer Oldrick Foucek from the City Planning Commission. He testified in court for the convicted former Mayor Pawlowski saying how good of a guy he is.

City Council will not approve Dan McCarthy for the Solicitor position. But then rumor has it that he submitted his resignation as "Acting Solicitor."

Allentown is in for a very interesting 3 weeks

Scott Armstrong said...

ED Pawlowski did not hire "excellent" people to work in his city hall. Please spare me! Anyone who worked for him or with him did so understanding exactly what they were involved with. They should thus be judged.