Feb 6, 2018

Under Pawlowski's Bus

Although it's reprehensible, one can understand Pawlowski's Philadelphia mouthpiece throwing the mayor's former associates under the bus. But apparently that's not enough for Mayor Ed, he reprints that line on facebook himself.

 Now here's the problem, Pawlowki is still mayor of Allentown.

He is in essence telling all city employees that they could also become a sacrificial lamb when needed.  He is apparently more concerned with his reputation on facebook than the operation of the city.  Although   his supporters are limited to the uninformed,  the contrary and the unethical,  and the election is over, he is still more concerned with them than the operation of the city.

Credit city managers and workers for anything being done right in Allentown.  The mayor's office is worse than empty, it's actually working against morale.


Scott Armstrong said...

Thank you Allentown voters and Ray O'Connell for putting this guy back into office to add further shame to city and make us the laughing stock of the valley.

Fire the incompetants said...

He actually, [Pawlowski] never ran the city. His Managing Director, self-appopinted and approved by the hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil City Council, led by Ray O'Connell and sidekick Daryl Hendricks, allowed Fran Daugherty take control and do the mayor's job. Mr. Ed was nothing but a mega-fundraiser for his other political aspirations to get out of Allentown!

His astute political meanderings and the reckless and failed O'Connell & Hendricks write-in campaign, allowed Boss Hogg to walk right back into city hall. Thus, we have a four-term mayor, on trial in Allentown, with political hacks [Muller & McCarthy] waiting in line to do his underhanded and corrupt bidding.

michael molovinsky said...

fire@11:49 i agree that council never should have approved a city manager back in 2006 when fran dougherty began his first stint in that position. however, i fully endorse the position in our current situation, and furthermore approve of muller in the position.

Scott Armstrong said...


Thank heavens a responsible person is running the city, that said, the position should be eliminated and the next mayor put back in charge of the city. Otherwise reduce the mayor position to part time. No one can tell me what the mayor's responsibilities are presently.

george schaller said...

Was that a sort bus that just so happens to be parked on Fulton street were someone house is missing!

MM, I am sure you haven't guessed what it, pulling a West Park means or even who's who?

Scott Armstrong said...

I see it(the bus) every day, and remember, Ellen Koval was the mastermind, the Mr. Big of the Pawlowski shakedown, play for play scheme. She was raising the money for his campaigns behind his back to surprise him. He had no idea what so ever it was going on. Being such a God fearing man he would never have approved of such behavior.