Feb 19, 2018

Pawlowski Supporters

The above screen grab is a recent example of Pawlowski support taken from an Allentown facebook group.  I have redacted the author's name, because this post is about Pawlowski supporters in general, regardless of their particular motivation.

Are most Pawlowski supporters uninformed, while others even contrary and disingenuous?  While I also have previously referred to many as unethical,  in truth why would I care about which conditions afflict this group?  The problem unfortunately is that they might sooner than later determine Allentown's leadership. Although it took essentially a three way race to re-elect Pawlowski this time, clearly a third of the voters went with him, despite the indictment.

From facebook and other social media, we learn that most of his supporters are both low information and low expectation types.  Pawlowski himself keeps posting any link that suggests he might be less than completely guilty.  Which choir he is attempting to preach to continues to baffle me.

Truth be told I'm not optimistic about Allentown's political future.  Within the last decade a perfect storm of political opportunism and indifference has apparently drowned the city.


Julian Kern said...

The people who support him support him because they are getting something from him such as special treatment or support for future political ambitions. Then you have the uninformed residents about what is going on with the corruption. Few tenants I have spoken to didn't even know the mayor was under investigation. I am not sure how they don't know this with it being all over the news. Then you have people who support him just because they think he has done good for the city and don't seem to care he broke the law.

It baffles me how some can't see he clearly is guilty by the evidence put forward by the FBI. Are they in denial or just that stupid?

Scott Armstrong said...


Some are uninformed most are just mean partisans.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:28, my guess is that the uninformed and the unethical went for Pawlowski, while the mean partisans wrote in O'Connell

Fire the incompetants said...

Well said gentlemen. In totality, you can say it was both; a concerted effort! No matter what, we are still stuck with this conniving and lying politician unless the jury finds him guilty of one count. From the hideous O'Connell/Hendricks gamble to the uninformed voter apathy that is alive and well in Allentown, the only thing that can stop him now is the Judge and jury.

In all sense, politics is done in Allentown. It's pretty said that a town the size of Allentown still endorses an obvious crook to lead its functions and the remnants of a once great citizenry depends on the legal process to remove a cancer from its core.

The carpetbagger from Chicago however will not leave without being forcefully removed. This will be the second part of his great legacy! With O'Connell gone, Hendricks removed to relative obscurity, a secretive city council in charge, anything can happen. Hang on, the best is yet to come!

Whethervain said...

"I'm not optimistic about Allentown's political future." Neither am I.

In my mind, I keep replaying the scenario where Ed gets off - and the curtain comes down on this investigation - leaving behind a whole cadre who pleaded guilty while he escapes.

What I really wonder though is how Allentown will be perceived in its future business & civic endeavors (with Ed as the face of the town). We all know that the populace who helped him get elected are not the movers-and-shakers who participate in those bathroom stall discussions where the real business takes place. There’s not enough hand sanitizer around to satisfy the needs of those wishing to eradicate the slimyness that come with shaking this man’s hand.

doug_b said...

As the old saying goes "after you shake hands with him, make sure you have all five fingers.

Scott Armstrong said...


I would say most O'Connell supporters were as I wrote before merely fools not nasty. Those who are mean partisans can be found routinely on social media. Thought that would be clear enough from the start, in other words, you should know having been on the receiving end yourself.