Jan 22, 2018

Pawlowski Pre-trial Musings

Today Mayor Pawlowski's long awaited trial actually begins. As I scanned the defense witness list I wondered what would motivate most of these people, besides the subpoena,  to cooperate on Ed's behalf.  Then it occurred to me that it was an opportunity to publicity disavow any knowledge of any wrongdoing.  Now there are a few of these people who consider themselves friends of Ed,  and  would  testify for Ed's sake.  Alan Jennings would be among that group,  but I believe most on the list are on the public disavow side.  I suspect that at least one person, who was propelled into the public money income stream by Ed, wants to show that she can be counted on to be discreet.

On a city issue facebook site,  a reader wondered why people complaining about Pawlowski re-elected him?  Actually, most people aware enough to participate on such a site, didn't directly vote for him. However, many did write-in the name of a third candidate, which resulted in Pawlowski's victory.

In my previous post I discussed the psychology of  Pawlowski's facebook posts.  I would think such insertions by him violate the intent of the court order for him not to discuss the case.   Convicted or not,  prison assigned or not,  a good therapist might be in order.

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Fire the incompetants said...

His witness lists look like a Rah, Rah manifesto! All of these people are intended to get up and praise the job King Pawlowski has done in Allentown. I don't see the judge allowing thirty character witnesses.

In addition, Mr. McMahon wants to bend, mutilate and tear all of the interesting sound bites captured on tape. As the Polish prince sees his meager savings go down the tubes faster than aspirin, he will awaken from his delusional coma and try to plea the lightest sentence possible. Of course, he'll want probation, no jail time, minimal fines and be allowed to serve the rest of his term in office.

For some reason, I don't see this happening. He'll walk away, straight to prison, [like the former Philadelphia DA], broke, with a lonely and wayward wife and children who rebuke him. However, the Hispanic community will say he got screwed and is a good man and they will go on doing nothing as usual. O'Connell and Hendricks will retreat to their caves. And life goes on! Politics, the Allentown way!

Scott Armstrong said...


If Ray supporters do get it, that they perhaps inadvertently helped to re-elect an obviously corrupt mayor they won't admit it. Others who did so may actually not have the necessary cognitive skills to realize they did so. Remember, it's Allentown.

Scott Armstrong said...

One more thing, decent people don't do business with corrupt politicians. Many on that list did. Enough said.