Dec 21, 2017

Christmas Time In Allentown

The other day Kenneth Heffentrager announced that he was interested in being appointed to the Redevelopment Authority. Ken has a dilemma; Such appointments are made by the mayor, and Ken is a grass roots street level organizer. Pawlowski historically has appointed certified yes men to his boards. It is for that reason that often one person will serve on several boards in Allentown. Although Ken is a founding member of the Allentown Tenant Association, he has also been somewhat of a thorn in Pawlowski's side, advocating for more housing inspectors. Although he is completely qualified for the position he seeks, this blog post isn't really about him.

Ken made his pitch for appointment on facebook. One of the readers wished him well, but then commented that she did not want to concern herself with such matters during the Christmas season. Politicians count on such reactions. Add in those that concentrate on Thanksgiving, Easter and their summer vocation, and you can end up electing an indicted mayor.  Another reader, who herself was appointed by Pawlowski to another commission, wondered if Ken would be able to function objectively,  considering his past tensions with the mayor.  I think that citizens should wonder if someone who is an avid supporter of Pawlowski could function fairly in such a position?

While my interest in local politics isn't reduced by holidays, the recent election results were very discouraging. Perhaps that is why this blog has been concentrating on its other component, local history. On that note,  I have used this old A-Treat Seasons Greetings as today's illustration. The A-Treat Company, after closing several years ago,  has been purchased and restarted by the Jaindl family.


Fire the incompetants said...

As a former member of the Allentown Police Pension Board, I saw what the dictator for life, Edwin Pawlowski was like. He couldn't influence the Board, so he expanded it and put his minions on it. Smart move, but dirty. This is how conniving he is. Just as he used Fleck and Rushlewics to do his dirty dealings in the pay to play scheme, he could back away at any time and deny any complicity. I'm sure he has not changed his spots [or devil horns] yet, therefore, Ken would be seen as a non-team player and will not survive his cut. This is what most voters don't know, especially the uninformed ones. He is a cancer that invaded Allentown government and will be hard to excise from it. Thank God for the Justice Department, they are the last hope in treating this cancer.

Scott Armstrong said...


Allentown is what it is today because the voters, and those who don't bother to vote have made it that way. It is that simple. Conversely, other surrounding municipalities function at a much higher level because the voters there make better choices.

Social media allows us to see Allentown's stupidity daily, written out and proudly posted here and there on the public domain. Somehow even people who should know better, such as Ray O'Connell and his supporters, manage to convince themselves that if they say or do stupid things it isn't stupid here.

Mike, I have come to realize that for a long time Allentown made me stupid, I actually believed the city's residents would have the brains to do the right thing. What a fool I was! I actually belonged here!