Nov 23, 2017

Susan Wild Cutting Ties With Pawlowski

Susan Wild announced yesterday that she is resigning as Allentown City Solicitor to devote full time to her run for the 15th Congressional District. “I do not believe the demands of running a congressional campaign allow me to spend the time that is necessary to be an effective city solicitor,” Wild wrote. “I strongly feel that it is unfair to the taxpayers of Allentown for me to collect a salary and benefits for a job to which I will not be able to devote my full attention.” 

While Ms. Wild doesn't believe that she can effectively run for congress and perform as solicitor at the same time, apparently Ed Pawlowski thinks that he can be a full time mayor and a federal defendant at the same time. At any rate,  he will be pulling down his mayoral salary as he sits in court day after day.

The other day Michael Adams,  the former occupant of the Log and Stone House shown above, mentioned Ms. Wild in regard to his eviction from the house.  Many people have been upset about his departure,  especially since Pawlowski had the gardens ripped out that Mr. Adams had cultivated for a decade.  Ms. Wild came on Adams' Facebook page and commented that she had nothing to do with his ouster by the city.  I can believe that she wanted to be disassociated from that action,  and furthermore, I also believe that she wants to be disassociated from Pawlowski.

Lehigh Parkway Vendetta,  the original October post on Adams' eviction


  1. What happened here was a crime.

  2. To even be considered a legitimate candidate for the congressional seat, she has to devoid herself of any ties to Ed Pawlwoski. Except for his Allentown minorities who supported him in the last race, he is repugnant and toxic to Lehigh Valley voters. She accepted PAC money from him and accepted a job offer from him. Therefore, she is tainted. Resigning is the first step in unleashing herself from him. Second, she must publicly renounce him. Third and final step is to expose him for what he is.
    Only then, she might shake the stench that follows him. Remember, Boss Hogg only won by 286 votes, thanks to the ill-conceived O'Connell/Hendricks write in campaign. His victory was not a mandate! With no credibility and positive popularity, Ed Pawlowski is an anchor around anyone's neck. If she wants to survive, and possibly win, she has to fight-off the Pawlwoski connection with all her might. Because this will follow her forever in the political world.

  3. This is the first I've read about the Log and Stone House and Michael Adams. I checked out his Facebook posts, and I cannot believe that garden was bulldozed.

    Why did that happen? What's the story there?

  4. momma@9:27, I wrote about it on October 13 in a post entitled Lehigh Parkway Vendetta Bernie O'Hare commented on it today in his post on Susan Wild. O'Hare exonerates everybody but Fran Dougherty, who hasn't been around in two years. I seriously doubt if Dougherty bothered with Michael Adams recent eviction, when he no longer works for the city and is facing federal sentencing.

  5. The legal process that led to Michael Adams eviction and the destruction of the extraordinary gardens at the Stone and Log House methodically wound it’s way through Solicitor Susan Wild’s legal department at the specific direction of Wild’s boss, Mayor Pawlowski, with numerous points of contact, all easily documented.
    Solicitor Susan Wild was awarethat this hit job was in process or - - - or City Solicitor Susan Wild didn’t know what was going on in the department she ran as Pawlowski was using it to dole out punishment to individuals he choose to torment for his own ends.
    There is no third explanation for this travesty of justice.


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