Nov 17, 2017

A Former Proud Block In Allentown

When the north side of the 700 block of Hamilton Street was demolished in early 2012, this lone blogger was there early in the mornings and weekends to document the end of an era. Although Hess's ruled Hamilton Street in the 60's and 70's, the 700 block had the classic mercantile history and facades.

The new arena monstrosity looks pretty much like the renderings did, except those middle class people pictured in the illustration never materialized. I'm referring to the west end housewives with their baby strollers and disposable income. The apologists say wait, it takes time. It's only half done, wait until they build the mega towers on the south side of the street. The suburban housewives will still have no interest or motivation to come downtown.

 Reilly will build the towers. As long as Pennsylvania taxes are being used for his debt service, why wouldn't he?   Never mind that the state is so broke that they may have to put slot machines in elementary school cafeterias to harvest junior's lunch money.

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Fire the incompetants said...

Well said MM. Without taxpayers assistance, the NIZ, J.B. Reilly and the other opportunists would not have invested. Thank Senator Browne for his incredible and masterful feat in writing this up. However, will the pace of development last forever, or will the funds dry up like the PA budget! I may not see it, but I will guess the latter will occur when PA is forced to come into reality with it's economic general ledger fails to show anything. That's when the NIZ's money dry's up, Rentals skyrocket, J.B. looks to sell everything and Boss Hogg is laughing from prison.