Aug 2, 2017

Morning Call's Farewell Missing Firewall

In Bernie O'Hare's obsession to criticize me on Monday, and ingratiate himself with Bill White, he dismissed an important story. When I had referred to Rolf Oeler's comment as interesting, Bernie commented on his blog; His explanation (Molovinsky) is nonsense, too. People going out for dinner on Friday nights or having a drink is indicative of nothing. 

Oeler reported that J.B. Reilly, Pat Browne and Bill White were at the bar.  Bill White, in a subsequent public facebook post, commented that the occasion with Morning Call personnel, was a farewell for Matt Assad, which we know from Oeler included Pat Browne, and J. B. Reilly.

I have been asking here on this blog for several years whether Matt Assad was reporting on the NIZ, or acting as a press agent for Reilly's City Center Real Estate Company? The newspaper articles, one after another, read more like press releases than news articles. Readers looking for critical analysis of the NIZ were left mostly with only this blog. The Morning Call would be hard pressed to prove that the proper firewall exists, especially now since J.B. Reilly literally purchased the Morning Call Newspaper building, and is their landlord.

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