Jul 10, 2017

Injury To Allentown's West End

After the "improvement"

For almost a hundred years the western stretch of Chew Street beyond Muhlenberg College had a quiet elegance to it. This was by no accident, as the neighborhood was developed by General Harry Trexler, also father of the park system.

Regular readers of this blog remember that recently I lamented the decision to blacktop the cement streets.  Little did I know that the macadam would only be the first assault on the neighborhood.

Despite the fact that virtually no cars park on Chew Street in that area, parking lanes have been painted. Although, there is little traffic or even walkers, cross walks have been painted on four sides of each corner. Add the double yellow lines and bike logos, and you have a blinding smorgasbord of paint.

There's something wrong when an improvement depreciates the value of a neighborhood.

Before the "improvement"


Scott Armstrong said...

This is the kind of stuff that happens when city hall is populated by out of towners.

doug_b said...

One of the key points to the Liberal Religion is biking.

Here in Minneapolis, our mayor is "Bike Lane Betsy". From my experience - hold on to your hat - the insanity is just beginning. They will start building $million$ dollar bike trails, then walking trails.

Of course, in a northern climate, biking is nothing more than an activity. There will be some that claim they bike to work - well not in the winter / 90 degree summer / or when it is raining. And who are those who bike to work - well probably dish washers, and waiters, that live live several blocks from home.

It's not a form of dependable transportation. Besides there are many older or handicapped folks who aren't going to bike either.

I've tried these logical arguments, but they are completely ignored. Much like your parks campaign.

Jamie Kelton said...

I remember riding my bike on the streets of Allentown growing up. We didn't have bike lanes and I never had problem with traffic. Just stay to the right and it was never a problem.

Your photo is simply a solution in search of a problem Mr Molovinski.

doug_b said...

Jamie, it's called virtue signaling - it's the liberal means of showing how progressive they are. Doesn't mean that it actually solves anything.