Jul 4, 2017

A Letter From The Mayor

Office of the Mayor of Allentown

Dear Ce-Ce, Mike, and Robert, 

I wanted to take time away from my busy schedule as mayor to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. After the primary I was very concerned about my chances to be re-elected in the fall, but your efforts to mount a 3rd party write-in campaign for my good friend Ray is just the shot in the arm my campaign needs to guarantee success again in November. I couldn't do it without your support.

Together we can keep Allentown Moving Forward. 

Your truly, 

Mayor Ed Pawlowski

 July 3, 2017 at 1:40 PM

The above comment, meant as a parody, was submitted by Scott Armstrong.  Scott is a partisan,  and in his view my recent posts recognizing  Ray O'Connell's write-in campaign is heresy.   My intent here is not to once again analyze whom such a write-in campaign would benefit, but rather my position as a blogger.

I separate my personal political preferences from my blogging. I will not color my words to promote one candidate over another.  I will not refrain from observations, even if they contribute to an undesirable  candidate's victory. In the campaign there will be many mailings and promotions from the candidates and their surrogates, but this blog isn't one of them.   


Scott Armstrong said...

Earth to Mike! Do you read me? There is nothing "partisan" about the upcoming mayoral race. Both candidates are DEMOCRATS! Get it? Nat Hyman only changed to make the general. You know this, it has been explained here, yet you persist to float the lie that I an against Ray's write in because I am a "partisan'. Well I am a partisan, but that fact clearly isn't applicable in this case. There is no real Republican running.
There is a corrupt candidate running against one that isn't. HELLO! It is that simple! Ray's ridiculous write in campaign will help the corrupt candidate win a 4th term. You, Robert Trotner, Ce-Ce Gerlach and anyone else too foolish to understand that deserves the scorn of all those hoping be be freed of Pawlowsky's corrupt, divisive, and ruinous rule of the city and yes! Its parks.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:16, i never advocated that ray should run. i never advocated that voters should write-in somebody's name. ce-ce and robert do support that effort, but you have included me because my coverage is not slanted enough to suit your agenda.

although i have previously stated my personal choice, i will not allow my preference, or yours, to color my local analysis. this is a distinction which you fail to grasp.

Scott Armstrong said...


Your post, " As the Word Turns" earned you a letter of thanks from the mayor. In spite of well informed input on your own blog that puts the lie to any notion a write in effort could succeed, that post encouraged the fool hardy Ray O'Connell effort, and effort certain to aid the mayors re-election.
That said, you and I, cut from the same clothe speak frankly and don't suffer fools kindly when it comes to local politics. I'm sure you can remember times where, if not separated by a few rows of seats in council chambers we would have thoroughly enjoyed squeezing the life out of each other with our bare hands. Those were good times. Unlike others online, your don't resort to smears when there is bitter disagreement and move on. It is good you are involved Mike, your posts are always informative and a good read.

Robert Trotner said...

Scott, if I didn't know better I'd think you wanted Ray to withdraw so your candidate Hyman would be elected. But you're obviously more concerned with the good of the city than the good of the Republicans. That's why a loyal Republican like you have been so generous in giving so much free advice to Democrats for the purpose of defeating Pawlowski.

If the Republicans had a better, more experienced candidate I'd vote for him. But he's not. He doesn't even understand - or want to uunderstand - the transparency concerns behind the Sunshine Law.

To win, Hyman will obviously need Democratic votes, most particularly the votes of west end O'Connell supporters. If I had a more cynical turn of mind I'd have to believe you're against the write in because you wanted to encourage them to vote for Hyman. But I know your only concern is the good of the city.

Robert Trotner said...

Thank you, Mike!

Scott Armstrong said...

Wow! You really unmasked me Robert. Who but you could have figured out I don't want Ray to do a write in campaign because I am supporting Nat Hyman. Your political observations are equally astute, you pointed out for everyone here that Hyman will need Democratic votes to win, particularly those on the west end where Ray O'Connell has his base of support. That's a real insight!

Scott Armstrong said...

Frankly folks it's laugh or cry time again here in Allentown. We have one last chance to relieve ourselves of the burden of the corrupt and inept Pawlowski Administration and we are about to screw it up again.Only here could this kind of stupidity happen, and happen routinely.
It is comical because the same fools who blew our best chance to defeat Ed in the Democratic primary when they crowded the field are now set on doubling down on dumb in the general by repeating the error and again dividing the opposition to Pawlowsky vote.
It is sad because the damage this arrogant and foolish effort will cause will be real and lasting.