Jun 19, 2017

The Blog, Why?

Over the weekend I told someone that I have been producing a blog on local politics and history every weekday for ten years.  She simply, sincerely asked why in the world would I want to do that?  Understand that this blog is not monetized in any way. None of the posts are used by another publication, which then subsequently pays me. I'm not motivated by comments and feedback.  I actually eliminated the anonymous said option,  reducing the amount of comments received.  Of course none of this answers the why question.

Before the blog I felt compelled to speak out against those actions and inactions which I thought reduced the unique quality of life called Allentown.  I expressed myself at city council and through letters to the editor. I suppose it's the same compulsion which made me run for office twice as an independent.  Both council and the editors are grateful for this blog,  it helps keep me away from them.

I didn't tell the woman who asked the why question that I usually post the blog before 4:30AM. She already thought that I was nuts.

Like the donut maker, I get up early

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Robert Trotner said...

You are a very needed and appreciated voice for Allentown!