Jun 22, 2017

Stevens Park

My apologies for an earlier post where I acted so haughty about Stevens Park. Ive been sick the past couple weeks. That being said had family over today and bragged about the new park. Took my 2 yr old and a couple other toddlers with parents. Trash everywhere! Dirty needles...I picked up 6 heroin used bags. I was horrified! We left, kids in tears. Me on the verge! I went later with husband and cleaned it up. Ive been so excited for the young neighborhood kids....it will soon just get totally trashed. And Im moving......

The above comment appeared on a community facebook page. I have redacted the writers name. The Morning Call did a pictorial spread on the the renovated park, but of course the women above gives us an actual nitty gritty experience from visiting the park. Despite the reality of who will congregate there after hours, and whatever nefarious activity that may take place, it is important to provide attractive parks within the urban center for children.   However,  the nature of the neighborhood requires that the park receive extra cleanup and surveillance.

As a frequent critic of the  park system, allow me to commend the Parks Department on a renovation well done.

photocredit: The Morning Call/Harry Fisher

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george schaller said...

Look at the blueprint, some of the designs altered materials from the blueprint seem to be lost in the actual work done comparable to renderings?

Lots to be desired as anything was better than has been a much too long a process. The very begining is somewhere between 07 and 08 and now being done 2017. Ten years from begining too end is much too long for a small pocket park?