May 22, 2017

Public Note To Mayor Ed

Hi Mayor Ed. I am very disappointed that thousands of Allentown voters do not realize how corrupt you are!! One of your supporters said he didn't care. I think you are a great politician and liar. Ten years ago exactly when I worked for you in your old job as Director of Community and Economic Development I witnessed your corruption firsthand. Which as I told you when I resigned I did not want to part of. You fired Eric Weiss as head of Buildind Standards because he was not corrupt and would not do your dirty work. When Fran Dougherty told a building inspector not to write a citation on a Nat Hyman property I realized that you he and were in bed together. Neither of you should be Mayor!!! I assume that the FBI will eventually expose you. I love how you staged all that road work on major streets over the last months. Even some relatively smart people that that meant you are a great Mayor. You Bamboozled quite a few people. I feel sorry for the people like Mary Ellen Koval who got caught up in your quest for higher office. You ruined many lives and careers. Karma and the wheels of justice may turn slowly but they do turn!!! Betsy Morris Levin

The above note was written by Betsy Levin, a former city employee, and posted on facebook today. Pawlowski's primary victory disappointed many people. He won with what I call the Marion Barry vote. As I had predicted within 38 votes, he cobbled together enough minority votes to win in the crowded field. Had one of the three top runner ups dropped out and endorsed another, Pawlowski would have lost, handily. A real opportunity exists for an independent this fall. The city hasn't elected a Republican for two decades, since 1997. The primary proved that Pawlowski is unattractive to 75% of the Democrats.


Dave said...

One of the SEIU bureaucrats downtown who don't like Ed for a boss. She needs to remember that if she didn't like working for him, she can work in the private sector and see how she liked that.

Elijah LoPinto said...

When does the ballot access collection period for Independents start and stop?

doug_b said...

Let's hope Betsy doesn't wind up like Seth Rich.