May 13, 2017

Looking For Mr. Rogers In Allentown Election

The other day a blogger had a post about a fellow who was allegedly bullied by the current mayor. The blogger said in both the post and a comment that he doubted if the incident warranted criminal charges. In a subsequent youtube interview part1, the victim emotionally reiterated his distress over the confrontation with Pawlowski. He also claimed that despite being a candidate himself for city council, he was not indulging in a political stunt. That claim would of course have much more validity if he was making the accusations this coming Wednesday, instead of this past Thursday and Friday. The incident with Pawlowski happened on May 5th. If the gentleman waited a week for his non-publicity stunt, perhaps he should have waited another week.

If the gentleman was being sincere about not having a political agenda with his news conference, I can't say the same about the blogger and other candidates who jumped onto the bandwagon.

ADDENDUM: While the blogger admitted that the incident didn't rise to the criminal level,  did it even rise to the level of news?  Apparently not to any of the other local media, except for that blogger and facebook.  Is Pawlowski a bully?  Yes he is,  but there appears to be little to this incident but the timing.  As for the others who jumped on the bandwagon,  let me clarify that I find them very viable candidates,  but who apparently succumbed to the heat of the election regarding  this incident, in this last weekend before the vote.
part 2 of youtube


  1. It's not hard finding a Mr. Rogers in this race. It's full of liberals.

  2. my reason for the Mr. Rogers reference was because apparently mr. McDuffie was surprised that mr. Pawlowski wasn't as nice as he thought. from what i can gather, he waved a cell phone in his face, questioning him about a photo. i don't think that mcduffie is ideal council material. although i know that pawlowski is capable of such behavior, nothing in this press conference indicated actual bullying to me in this case

  3. You dont question that the incident happened. You also well know Pawlowski's fiery temper and his treatment of people in general. This senseless attack is not acceptable in a mayor.

  4. Political scumbags. The Lehigh Valley is rampant with political scumbags. Not one of the will ever speak up and speak the truth.

    The truth is that CORRUPTION rules the Lehigh Valley.

    I fear that Pawlowski will win the primary because the corruption is powerful in the Lehigh Valley. Money rules here. And we continue to wait for the FBI.

  5. One might want to fear more the new hand puppet of the same people who controlled and funded Ed.

  6. Ed also tried similar bully tactics on the President of the Local 302 Allentown International Association of Firefighters while he was on duty as a Lieutenant in public after a community event the other day.

  7. Funny how he only pulls this sort of stuff with people who are in the employ of the city. Anytime we ran into each other in public he would get this scared look on his face, like I was going to ask him a question he didn't want to answer, and run away.

    But that's the trademark of a bully isn't it. Going after those who they can safely abuse while avoiding any sort of confrontation that they are not in control of.

  8. I thought the information was pertinent to the voters. I assumed Ortiz was a Pawlowski Puppet but this information confirmed it. Somethings while they may be political are definitely influential in decision making. Whether he did it for political reasons or not voters deserve to know who/what they are voting for. It's similar to the video of Sam Bennett's "meltdown" video - it's old but it still speaks volumes to who she is as a person and candidate.