May 18, 2017

I Offended Someone About Pawlowski Voters

Yesterday, Jude-Laure Denis commented on my blog post, Blaming this on people who "moved here from Newark.. who litter," is a pile of racist dogwhistle politics. Supervoters who are primarily white voted for the son of a bitch and most of them didn't even bother to come out.  If Ms. Denis meant for her identity to be revealed is questionable, but either way, I disagree. As I noted often during this campaign, Pawlowski worked the unaffiliated blacks and Hispanics. I say unaffiliated, because he did not receive the support of the organized more sophisticated groups, such as the local NAACP.  The detailed ward election results will show that Pawlowski did best in center city and Hispanic areas, where the minority demographics predominate. Pawlowski's Facebook page is a journal of him working the intercity barber shops and beauty parlors.

I believe that the white super voters divided their votes between O'Connell, Thiel and Bennett. The point of my post yesterday was that the election was determined by the most transient among us. The good news is that it only occurred because the field was divided by so many candidates.

If Ms. Denis is offended that I called Pawlowski voters litterers from Newark, I can do worse.  Seven people have pleaded guilty to committing criminal acts on Pawlowski's behalf. Littering might be one of the better traits of those who voted for him yesterday.


Scott Armstrong said...

Yes 7 of his people plead guilty to criminal acts but he knew nothing about it. That's his story and some people buy it.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:36, i'm afraid it's actually worse, they know but don't care. the man was promising access and benefits if he was re-elected to city hall

doug_b said...

The FSA (Free S**T ARMY) voted!