May 16, 2017

Bennett's $10,000 Stoplight

I was very surprised when Allentown installed a stoplight on Lehigh Street for the Bennett Toyota dealerships.  Years ago I lived on a very dangerous intersection which has numerous accidents, including fatalities.  I was told how complicated it was to convince Harrisburg of a stoplight's necessity.

Bennett was one of the largest contributors to Mayor For Life Pawlowski's current campaign. He kicked in about 10% of Pawlowski's war chest, which at about $100k, led the candidate pack.  On Sunday night Pawlowski had a pricy campaign commerical on CNN's popular Anthony Bourdain show, Parts Unknown.

Today Allentown enters parts unknown.  It is not my habit to announce the next day's blog topic. However, tomorrow I will discuss today's winner and loser.  Hopefully, the loser will not be Allentown.


Rich Fegley said...

Pawlowski also had ads during a Madoff documentary. How ironic.

george schaller said...

Only nine more minutes and the count down will begin?

Suburban Dad said...

As I make the left to head back to the suburbs in my Toyota, I like that the Bennetts sprung for a traffic light. More Bennett customers must turn left, than right. If you look at most new shopping areas, the new lights are springing up. Maybe Allentown should do it more.