May 10, 2017

Anything Anti-Trump Is Tolerated

I have a liberal acquaintance who has no toleration for any humor that is at the expense of homosexuals. He is even offended when you're not up to date on current designations of the various gay groups and new subgroups.  However, he wasn't offended by Stephen Colbert's homophobic remark about Trump and Putin.  Of course, worst than these late night jokes, is that the Democrats are reduced to these previous second string comedians being their de-facto party leaders.  In some cases they actually believed their act and ran for office, enter Al Franken.  I see commercials for Samantha Bee, whoever the hell she is.  In every one she is bashing Trump.  What would all these comedians do had Hillary won?

Meanwhile, in the real world, Trump has been assembling a first rate team, like Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis.  The actions taken, such as the strike on the airbase in Syria,  have been measured.  Yesterday's decision to arm the Kurds again shows realistic analysis and resolve.  However,  regardless of accomplishment or facts,  the liberals will wait up for the late night bashing.


Dave said...

Wasn't it just a week ago that Hillary Clinton saying they it was Comey that cost her the election?

Now they want a "Special Prosecutor" to investigate President Trump.

I'm sure if you wait a little, the Democrats will be saying it was Martian influence that got Trump elected.

This is what you get when you are afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome and become mentally deranged.

doug_b said...

The Democratic party has fallen apart. DNC chairman Tom Perez drops 'F' bombs in public speeches. They have no platform except extreme political correctness - which they feed to their constituets of every fringe group there is. The other is 'free' stuff in the way of entitlements and other goodies.

This Russian influence thing - it's really tiresome. Look Obama was just over to France - trying to influence their election.

I've heard a lot of 'off color' jokes in my time, but Colbert is bordering on being psycho.

TRENT HALL said...

Hey Mr. MM......are second grade B Reagan, George Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, yadda yadda any more qualified than second grade comedians? I didn't think so.

Only in the fervid talk radio/Fox world could the Trump Administration, so far, be labeled as nothing more than a complete, non stop, sh-t show to date. The only accomplishment has been getting
Neil Gorsuck confirmed on the Supreme Court, and the Republicans had to blow up the Senate rules for confirmation of Supreme Court justices to do that,,,,,which you know will just bite them in the rear end the next time they are not in the majority in the Senate.

Anyway, Trumpkin snow flakes, not to worry about the current mess in DOJ law enforcement, because, well, the solution is obvious.......Trump should appoint Jared Kushner to run the FBI while he simultaneously innovates American business and brings peace to the Middle East. What could go wrong?

ironpigpen said...

"Gorsuck" as compared to the man's real name? "Trumpkin snow flakes"? Sure, whatever makes the Progressive Liberal Democrat crowd feel better about their crushing defeat at the polls last November. I just feel bad that CNN's Donna Brazile got busted sharing debate questions in advance with crooked and corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton but didn't have the guts to admit such until mid-March.

Suburban Dad said...

You have to admit that Trump is providing lots of material. Trump loves attention. He's getting it. What's the problem? The late night comedians are no more biased or crazy than your typical a Fox News "personality".

Scott Armstrong said...

Once again the left shows its angry sleeve here on your blog. Anger is all they have, it is the glue that binds them together. They are so blinded by it that they can't even see how ugly and dangerous it is.

doug_b said...

As far as the claim "blow up Senate rules" - here is an excerpt from Federalist Paper #75 - Alexander Hamilton writes:

"It has been shown, under the second head of our inquiries, that all provisions which require more than the majority of any body to its resolutions, have a direct tendency to embarrass the operations of the government, and an indirect one to subject the sense of the majority to that of the minority."

When one doesn't have any rebuttal, fall back to making 'fun' of someones name.

ironpigpen said...

Remember when the Left (and John McStain) freaked out because people had the audacity to call The Messiah "Barack Hussein Obama"? Yes, that was so horrible of all those nasty Deplorables. But "Gorsuck"? Hey, that's fine and dandy so please, everybody, make an urgent note immediately.

I think the Alinskyites would do themselves a serious favor to admit that, because they do not believe in gun ownership, when push comes to shove --- and that is clearly what today's Progressive Liberal Democrat is hoping to achieve with all the incessant trash talking --- the Left are going to be at a serious disadvantage when the street brawling they are working so hard towards inciting begins in earnest.