May 3, 2017

A Populist Evening With Trump

I watched YouTubes of both Trump's speech in Harrisburg (just the beginning), and the monologue by the host comedian at the Correspondents Dinner in Washington. Although, the press thought that the monologue was wonderful, I must say that it was Trump's evening. What he said is reality in today's America. Now, he doesn't speak as artfully as Obama spoke. There is no sophisticated wit to delight the enlightened. Certainly, there is no cool singing a verse or two, but there's reality. Truth is America was tired of Hope With No Change.

While another entertainer commented that there's no funk in the Trump, America is beginning to realize that what entertainers think isn't all that important. Article after article tries to analyze why Hillary lost the election. While these entertainers made their career and fortune portraying the Greatest Generation, they openly supported Hillary continuing Obama's nanny state; Obama-care and Obama-phones rubbed America the wrong way. It is this America that came out to vote last November 8th.  So, while the media and liberals continue to amuse themselves on Sunday morning with the NY Times Magazine, Trump will continue to fill arenas in the Harrisburgs of America.

photocredit: The Mercury News


Dave said...

Trump also understood that you don't call people "Deplorables" if you want them to vote for you.

ironpigpen said...

I find it highly entertaining to listen to crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton explain why she thinks lost even after the Lame Steam Media told everyone for months and months how there was just no way that Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife would lose. Somehow, I just don't think that Bernie Sanders' supporters are having anywhere near as good a time as I am though. And I don't feel bad for them one bit.

michael molovinsky said...

i thought that hillary's explanation for her lost yesterday was a dishonest addendum to her campaign. neither russia or the fbi director changed the results of the election. nobody would switch from hillary to trump, or visa versa.

Robert Trotner said...

Ultimately we won't know why Trump won until history explains it, and your theory seems as good as any at this point.

michael molovinsky said...

robert@9:19, i actually prefer not to comment on my posts, much less reply to other comments. however, I must say that you may have more faith in history than i do. if future historians base their conclusions on what is written in the press now a days, we know how accurate that can be!!!

Jamie Kelton said...

Mrs Clinton was absolutely certain that she was going to be the next President. She is totally frustrated because she cannot figure out why the voters chose to vote for a troglodyte, a knuckle-dragging ignoramus with a room temperature I.Q. A tax cheat, a philander, a sexual predator. A carnival barker. A buffoon. The extreme opposite of Mrs. Clinton. Her message was simple. Trump was the least qualified candidate ever to run for president. We heard it nonstop from the network news show and most cable outlets. The Sunday morning panels of establishment Republican #NeverTrumpers repeated the mantra.

Mrs. Clinton heard it, too. And believed her own propaganda. She listened to the sycophantic media, believing their puff pieces about how smart and well-qualified she was. How America adored her. How she would easily cruise to the White House. In a landslide. Her destiny finally fulfilled.

Hillary Clinton simply just absolutely cannot believe that somehow, some way, the American people acted in a way that she can not understand. And she is NOT going to let it go. And trust me, she wants revenge.

Jamie Kelton said...

Mr Molovinski @ 9:17

What was so disingenuous about her blaming the Russians and Wikileaks was the fact that she never challenged the content of what was in the leaked emails that so damaged her campaign and showed her in her true light.

No, it was the fault of the Russians that leaked them. Not their contents which she was silent about.

Steven Ramos said...

I believe Americans were tired of feeling betrayed by elected officials and the main stream media. For eight years we had sluggish economic growth meanwhile the government sector was prospering. We witnessed the main stream media gush all over Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton yet wanted to make every utterance by Donald Trump a scandal. We even witnessed the death of comedy out of fear to make jokes about Pres. Obama and be labeled racist. Now the media apologizes for dropping the ball these last 8 years and will hold government accountable and they still demonstrate their bias by acting as defense counsel for the Obama Administration and comedy has returned with greater vulgarity.

If Pres. Trump betrays his promises the need for a Convention of States to reform and limit our government becomes greater. If the GOP establishment in Washington scuttles Trumps agenda the work continues to remove establishment politicians and make the government fulfill it's constitutional duties.

doug_b said...

The left is vulgar. They are so 'sensitive' about anything could be construed as racist, yet they make really lewd/horrible comments (cloaked as humor) about our president.

Consider this Stephen Colbert quote "Mr. President, I love your presidency, I call it ‘Disgrace The Nation,’ ” he continued, adding: “You’re the ‘presi-dunce’ but you’re turning into a real ­‘pr-ck-tator.’ ”

Can you imagine if a TV personality said that about Obama?

Then there's Hillary Clinton. She lost, what's else is there to say? Why would anyone care to hear why. It seems the left is shocked that they not as popular as they thought. Having temper tantrums - called 'demonstrations'.

Let's hope the Republican Congress comes through with Trump's agenda.

Dave said...

If Trump is the "Head Coach" and Ryan being the "Quarterback" of the Republican Team in Congress, right now the team is horrid.

This budget which was just passed looks more like one submitted by Obama than Trump. Clearly Ryan needs to be replaced with someone that can put points on the board for the Trump Team.