Apr 9, 2017

Slaughter Of The Innocents

Much of the dogma, liturgy and shrines of the Coptic Church deal with the Holy Family's stay in Egypt, when they fled the Slaughter of the Innocents. With of the fall of various despots in the middle east, the iron fists which protected religious minorities are no longer there. Particularly affected, are the ancient Coptic Christians of Egypt. Saint Mena Coptic Orthodox Church dates back to the 6th century, and was rebuilt in 725 AD. It was put to the torch by a mob on Saturday, while the army stood by.
reprinted from May 2011,  April 2013

UPDATE:  The Coptic Christians have suffered yet another attack yesterday in Egypt.


Jeffrey Anthony said...

There is no biblical injunction against faithful (neither Christians nor Jews) arming themselves when in danger. I would hope religious leaders would encourage the able bodied and those qualified to do so.

TRENT HALL said...

Outside of the original (still Jewish) sect of James, brother of Jesus, the Coptics are the oldest contingenious Christian sect, for the Greek & later Roman church were intermingled with local & foreign nationalities as they grew, whereas the Coptics are basically derived from the original Christians who converted the native Egyptians when they were a Roman subject state.

Even after the Muslim invasion of the 7th Century the Coptics remained at least 10% of the population for the last 2,000 years. They are specifically targeted by the Islamic extremists groups and barely tolerated by the mainstream majority Sunni Muslim, though
often protected by the government.