Apr 11, 2017

Bill White Exonerates Bernie O'Hare

On Sunday, Bill White started his annual Hall of Shame series.  Although, he claims it is a hall of fame,  we all know better.  As usual in Part 1,  he lists all the previous people that he has ridiculed over the years. Previous winner Bernie O'Hare has been flattering to Bill recently.  In one blog post he identifies White as a winner in a state journalism award ceremony.  In another post, he pictures White at a public meeting.  In White's column, both print and web versions, O'Hare's name doesn't appear with all the other previous honorees. In a follow up blog piece on the history of his Hall of Shame, he again fails to correct the O'Hare oversight. With two columns, we must assume that it was an intentional omission.

O'Hare received an award for his writing in the Bethlehem Press from the same outfit that awarded White. Perhaps White doesn't want to diminish his award by identifying a fellow winner with his booby prize contest. Regardless, congratulations to O'Hare, for being the first person to escape from the annual shaming.

ADDENDUM: Bernie O'Hare took this post as an attack upon both himself and Bill White.  You can read his reaction here.  He finds me jealous, mean spirited, and petty. 

UPDATE: I placed the following comment on O'Hare's blog post, he subsequently deleted it;
 bernie, last time i commented on one of your blog posts you deleted it, hopefully you will allow this one to stand. the difference between you and me is your concept of loyalty. i don't factor loyalty or friendship into blogging; i simply write the truth, as i see it. last year when you mentioned a small monetary contribution to morganelli as a disclaimer, i commented that you made an "understatement". you took my observation as a personal insult, and violation of our friendship. i simply thought a $25 dollar contribution was nothing compared to all the favorable things that you wrote about him over the years. likewise, yesterday i pointed out that i believe that bill white was extending you a courtesy by not including you in his recap list. again, you took it as an insult. IMO, the only ad hominem attack was your reply.


Bernie O'Hare said...

What a mean-spirited and petty little person you are!

michael molovinsky said...

o'hare@9:13, the post is neither mean spirited or petty. although bill white tried to whitewash you off the list this year, he now will mention you in a subsequent column, and cite you as an example of fame, instead of shame.

unlike you, i do not base my blog on loyalty, friends, and enemies, but rather on observations not made elsewhere.
unlike you, i do not consider my readers sheep, who want me to fabricate winners and losers for them.

bill white said...

Good grief, talk about conspiracy theories. It was an oversight in the Hall of Fame nomination column, which I'll correct next time I do an update. I left out Billy Givens -- a Hall of Fame legend -- a couple of years ago, for the same reason, because I had rewritten the column and eliminated an earlier reference to him before I provided the list. Once you're in, you're in. Being nice or mean to me has no impact.

michael molovinsky said...

bill white@5:00pm. actually, its o'hare who used the term conspiracy in his overly sensitive post about me. i simply wrote a tongue and cheek piece that you apparently exonerated him.

after bernie deleted my comment, he replied Molovinsky, Spew your nonsense on your site. I've had enough of your self-important observations, pretended moral superiority and false implications. You are a petty and little man. bernie rages against crony capitalism, but practices crony journalism. while stoffa, morganelli, and angle can do no wrong, he'll crucify and sacrifice people for sport. while he accuses me of "moral superority and false implication," he recently declared ken heffentrager a criminal. ironically, moral superiority and false implication are o'hare's hallmarks.

michael molovinsky said...

i find it ironic that while o'hare called this post petty, he deleted my comment on his post. understand that he hosts dozens of anonymous comments a week about the mediterranean manslab and other nonsense. talk about being petty....

Jeffrey Anthony said...

Don't delete this again, Mike, because I mean it quite sincerely.

First, the two of you perform a great public service that is not commended nearly often enough. Ben Franklin would, I'm sure, consider you both eminently worthy of the sobriquet "citizen journalist."

*Of course* you and Bernie are going to be at loggerheads on occasion, because you have unique and vastly differing points of view (though equally valid). I'm hoping all the recent vitriol between you is a bit of Shakespearean farce for the amusement of your readers.

If it's not, may I invite the two of your to dinner (at any restaurant of your choice or prepared by my lovely wife with extraordinary culinary gifts -- whichever you might prefer) and attempt to serve as peacemaker?