Mar 27, 2017

Trump Inspired Anti-Semitism Debunked

In recent weeks the liberals were convinced that the bomb threats against Jewish institutions was the result of Trump exciting the neo Nazi types during the campaign.  Those liberals of course included most Jews.  I always felt, and blogged, that the connection to those incitements was fabricated by the media and his distractors.  I also defended Steve Bannon.  Well, lo and behold, the phoned threats originated from a emotionally disturbed Jewish boy in Israel.

The media of course has nothing to say about their erred speculation.  They are now concentrating exclusively on Trump's defeat with repealing Obama Care.  However, if you don't mind, I want to stay on this error for a few more sentences.  We are constantly reminded that Trump lost the popular vote. Never the less, slightly less than half the votes were cast for Trump.  Was not the media's presumption about the source of the phone threats somewhat insulting to this large portion of the population?

Now,  I'm just a small town pizza blogger,  but I know when there is a disconnect between elitism and populism.  Those smirks on the condescending liberal pundits faces returned, less than a week after the election. Must be grand to be so self-righteous.


Scott Armstrong said...


Some of the people we know, trump Haters, who advocate for a better Allentown were among those who spread the slander. They just assumed it was true. How could it be otherwise? How else explain their own world view being shattered last November.

Monkey Momma said...

Let's not forget your own erred speculation, in which you stated, "I think that it's plausible that some of the acts are being orchestrated to make Trump look guilty by contrived association. "

ironpigpen said...

We probably also should not forget that, unlike former US President Barack Hussein Obama, at least Mr. Molovinsky never called ISIS a "JV team".

michael molovinsky said...

rolf@9:12, the topic is the presumption that trump emboldened extremist groups, which were erroneously blamed for a recent spate of anti-semitic acts. neither obama or isis is relevant.

JoshLCowen said...

Hey Monkey man: you made MM's point when you posted "Let's not forget your own erred speculation, in which you stated, "I think that it's plausible that some of the acts are being orchestrated to make Trump look guilty by contrived association. "

What turned out to be true was that a contrived attempt by an Israeli Jew (crazy or not) is what threatened the Jewish facilities....not Trump allies.

ironpigpen said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

Duly noted. Where I come from, sometimes it is more than worth it to go sit in the penalty box for two minutes in exchange for sending a clear message that cheap shots just will not be tolerated no matter what the referee does or not want to do in any given situation. In my opinion, the main reason Donald Trump got his controversial butt elected President in the first place is because the American People, or at least enough to the entity known as an "electoral college", were bent on sending a loud and clear message of their own to the ruling elitist political establishment, both Democrat AND Republican --- but that thought is probably off-topic, too, so I'm gonna tell the timekeeper to just go ahead and tack on an additional ten minutes for misconduct, too.


TRENT HALL said...

Although Mr. M mentioned the Healthcare vote in passing, he didn't return to it.

I am prepared to give credit when it is due; I applaud that the proposed Trumpcare
plan provided for full coverage for white senior male cranial-anus extraction.

Scott Armstrong said...

Once again we have a representative of the arrogant and insulting left demonstrating the art of slander and smears.