Mar 14, 2017

The Hypocrisy of The Wildlands Conservancy

This past Sunday The Morning Call chronicled the raw sewage which overflows into the Little Lehigh during heavy rainstorms.  The various municipalities and the LCA  are struggling with a  formula for the shared cost of meeting the EPA guidelines. This problem has been occurring for over a decade.  I first reported the situation here on this blog seven years ago.  The biggest hypocrite in this problem is The Wildlands Conservancy.  While tearing down dams in Lehigh County to supposedly improve stream quality,  they have turned a blind eye to the sewage problem.  While the municipalities are worried about the expense of larger pipes, the Wildlands concerns itself with dam removal grants.  They are allowed to keep a certain administrative fee for each demolition.  In exchange for the municipalities cooperating with the dam deals, the Wildlands plays deaf and dumb about the sewage.  This blog has documented races and walks starting in Lehigh Parkway fields which were covered in feces and toilet paper the day before the event.

photo shows sewage overflowing into the Little Lehigh, just upstream from the drinking water plant.


TRENT HALL said...

I guess MM didn't get the memo.......under the new Trump deregulation of the EPA the Wildlands Conservancy WILL NOT be violation of any raw sewage guidelines or standards. The dumping of coal ash in rivers by mining corporations or raw sewage by other sources is no longer subject to federal regulation or standards. Rather the states, by their legislators wholly owned by the corporate lobbyists, will issue whatever (hint: none)environmental guidelines are desired. This will ensure mining and manufacturing jobs return. You see, when the coal mining & manufacturing jobs come roaring back, and the immigrants are deported, then happy folks will have freedom, access, and choice to choose whether to go down in the mine or stay up here and pick stuff!
Bend over?
Bend over?
Bend over?
Poisoning the water we drink is not a problem, because if you work, then you can purchase bottled water from Neslie/PepsiCola/Dansani/etc., etc. Everybody who really wants a job will have full employment. As for the others, well Trump voters know the facts.......their jobs and pensions went away because some black family somewhere enjoyed a steak dinner on the taxpayers' dime.

pathfinder said...

OF course the Wildlands Conservancy is not going to say anything about larger sewage lines. Since many of this organization's members are from the communities that feed into this line through the Parkway, they are more concerned about their own personal pocketbook. They are all for protecting the environment as long as I affects others under the disguise of stream quality. HOPEFULLY Wildlands Conservancy will lose some of its funding with EPA cutbacks.