Mar 31, 2017

Pawlowski's Immigrants

Yesterday, Pawlowski announced The Mayor's Office of Immigration Services in the city's Alliance Hall.  I have reported previously that Pawlowski is courting the small migrant groups in Allentown, and has provided them with  space in the city owned building. Among those groups were new Liberian and Kenyan organizations.

The immigration help center may jeopardize Allentown's federal block grant funds. Pawlowski claims that those funds are marginal anyway. In years past he had a designated employee who processed an elaborate application process from various agencies, which was an annual tradition since his first term in 2006.  Those funds might be marginal to the city, but they are primary to various agencies which depend on them to operate.

He now states that "We can't have a large portion of our citizenship living in fear," I don't know how many people, if any, Pawlowski's action will actually save from deportation. With our Democratic City Council he will probably get away with this election stunt.  I do know that there are other fears in Allentown, such as fear of crime.  There's even the fear of bad local government.


Scott Armstrong said...


I have traveled the overseas and lived in several "other" countries. If I ever attempted to take up permanent residency without proper authorization I would be removed and likely not be allowed to re-enter possible for ever.
During times of authorized stay I would never presume to be a "citizen" of that country and trust me, they would never apply that word to us if we came up on their radar.
The illegal immigration position of the Democratic Party/ Big Ed is absurd!

george schaller said...

MM, there is an even larger portion living in fear from the administrations reprehencible acts of discrimination! That would be employees of the city itself (public sector) and than there there is the (private sector) that still makes up of many of the citizenry!
For the most part many of these people that claim to be living in terror are just the mayors circus sticks. The criminals at large are the ones that may have some worries of which the mayor is suseptable to a federal agency comming to take him away to camp Fed ED, but my thoughts are that Norristown State Hospital will be his first stop for a lenthy evaluation!
The grant grab get to give back makes up a good portion of the circus carnival playing out on a local level?

Dave said...

I wonder if Ed understands all the laws that are broken by Illegal Aliens, besides the fact that they are here without any legal authorization?

Once the Illegal arrives in the United States, they need money. After all, one has to eat and find shelter to survive. They can, and do, of course stay with relatives already here or with some sort of sympathetic do-guiders who don't want to see them dying on the street due to lack of basic necessities. That's called Aiding and Abetting and being an Accessory, and that's a felony.

Usually, they obtain work of some type. That will rewire them to have a SSAN. A fake SSAN card can be bought or copied from someone else. That's also a felony crime, as it's not obtained from the Social Security Administration. Then the Illegal using it is another felony crime. Or perhaps they just choose to live by comitting crimes, stealing money and property and using pawn shops to get money for stolen goods. More felonies. Also isn't it a felony for an employer to hire illegal aliens? If they're using a fake SSAN or something doesn't seem right, isn't that a red flag that the employee isn't who they say they are? That puts the employer at risk for felony charges.

Now, they will have to get around. Walking, bicycling, using public transportation, or driving a motor vehicle. The last one, driving a motor vehicle, involves several actions. One, having enough money to buy or lease one, but then purchasing it from a car dealer. Registering a vehicle falsely using false identification is a felony. What about Illegals who just steal a car and use it? Switching licence plates frequently to avoid the police? Aren't these felonies ?Driving without a driver's licence, or using someone else's licence is a felony. Driving without proper insurance is a felony.

What happens when an Illegal gets into an accident and injures someone else? Fake insurance, fake identification, fake registration? All felonies.

Or do we just overlook all of this because the Illegal Alien is a protected class by the Democratic Party? Of course, these are all "victimless crimes" so it's ok and let's not worry about it? Is that what Allentown wants to be? What the hell are the police going to so, only arrest United States citizens and let the Illegals go because they're not "Violent Criminals" ?

So now is it perfectly acceptable by society if you want to just "dispensary" from your identity and become someone else ... say to avoid criminal prosecution.. debt obligations for for some other reason?

Is political correctness sanctioning a lawless society ? Kind of seems that way to me.

michael molovinsky said...

i inadvertently deleted a comment which referred to the Mayor's Office of Immigration as election pandering.

LVCI said...

I do agree no one should come here illegally. However, we need to think larger.

Borders are drawn by governments just like people who put up fences to keep neighbors out of their yards. If we are to accomplish such goals we need to make things more attractive then where they are fleeing from. Bombing the shit out of them or undermining their economies isn't a solution.

Not any one of us wants to move to a different country or live with people who are of a different culture not wanting us around. Everyone likes to hang around their own kind and the places where they were born. I don't see them any different.

Instead of spending bazillions of dollars wrecking their stuff it would be a better idea (if we don't want them here) to help make the grass greener on their side of the fence even if we don't agree with their country's government or culture.

Good fences may make great neighbors, but it's far better to have no need for them in the first place if someone already has a great yard of their own.

Jamie Kelton said...

Don't even think about being an Illegal in Canada. Our friendly neighbor to the north gives you the third degree when you fly into Toronto about why you're going to Canada; what you will be doing, and when you are leaving. All that is entered into a database before they let you through to pick up your bags.

You may want to think larger LVCI, but that's not the reality. If you aren't here legally, then get the hell out or we will escort you to the pier to jump off.

Jamie Kelton said...

Also, if you're carrying a laptop and any CD/DVDs, be prepared for a dozen more questions from the Canadian border guard. I'm sure they have absolute no hesitation to remove anyone forceably who chooses to stay after they said they were leaving.