Mar 17, 2017

As Allentown Turns

As I posted on Wednesday, the snow storm was a gift for Pawlowski. With less snow than predicted, and warmer temperatures,  Mother Nature is cooperating to make our Mayor For Life look good. Needless to say, not all the campers are happy. Many of Allentown's narrow streets with high density, put the cars and snow at odds. Two women were arrested for fighting over a parking spot.

On the political scene, while there have been challenges in the small Republican slate, the large Democratic group of mayoral candidates remain unscathed.

Pawlowski's legal predicament was helped out last year when a federal prosecutor resigned to run for District Attorney in Philadelphia.  Pawlowski may now benefit again,  as Trump and Sessions restock the Justice Department.

While everybody cares about the snow and parking, I'm afraid very few residents concern themselves about who will prevail on May 16th.

Billy Mack's facebook photo of 4th Street, just north of Tilghman


Rich Fegley said...

We leased the water and sewer system to the LCA. We lost the men and the equipment to clear snow. We also lost $4,000,000 annually because we did not follow PFM's plan.

Allentown has less men, trucks and money.

Allentown's budget has gone from $90 million to $110 million in just two years.

Pawlowski and Gary Strathearn sold us out.

p.s. The roads in Cumberland Gardens were cleared to the pavement. One block away never saw a plow. The City failed again.

Scott Armstrong said...

I was reluctant to head out and stayed put for as long as possible, not because I don't like to drive in the snow but for fear of losing my parking space. I shoveled several out and helped neighbors with theirs as well. But we all agreed, we would only venture out if we had to. This reluctance lasted several days and thankfully no one put chairs out to mark spots.
When I did move my work vehicle from one of the city parking garages to a spot I cleared I found the roads very poor twenty four hours after the storm. Heard many of my neighbors give similar reports. Don't doubt the city people weren't putting a lot of effort into it but there clearly aren't enough of them anymore.