Mar 1, 2017

Antisemitism In The Trump Era

A facebook friend wrote; There has always been antisemitism in the US, but I've never seen this level in my lifetime until Trump was elected. Trump himself is no antisemite, but it's clear enough that his election has emboldened the antisemites to crawl out from under the rocks.

It is not at all "clear enough" to me. I read about the "resistance" and other absurdities of the disappointed left. I think that it's plausible that some of the acts are being orchestrated to make Trump look guilty by contrived association.  I think that the connection between Trump and the neo-nazi types was fabricated nonsense. Although, it's easier to fabricate such a connection between conservatives and right wing fringe groups, it doesn't make it so. I also likewise believe that Steve Bannon was wrongly smeared by such accusation.  I saw no such concern about Obama's affiliation with Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.  Whatever the authenticity of these hate acts, associating them to Trump is just part of the hysteria by those so distressed by Trump's win.


Robert Trotner said...

If you look are the founding of the Alt right movement in 2010 by Ruchatd Spencer and disgraced speaker Milo Tuannopoulas and its popularization by, Alex Jones, and dark web sites like 4chan, you see a white supremacist attempt to "put on a suit and tie" and mainstream their ages old hate message against "foreigners," including Jews, Muslims, and Mexicans. The Trump mini-me Stephen Bannon and the self hating Jew Stephen Miller may not be abtisemites, but their many followers believe them to be and act based on that, and they certainly don't disabuse that notion.

michael molovinsky said...

robert@6:31, i've been fighting against antisemitism my entire life. i assure you that very few neo-nazi types ever read breitbart or heard of steve bannon before or even since trump's candidacy. as i illustrate in the photograph used on this post, the disappointed left will even try to associate trump with ann frank and the holocaust.

Scott Armstrong said...


You are one of the people who for your own partisan reasons point the finger at Trump. You do this without a shred of evidence or any arrests. Frankly, that's pathetic.
By the way, the guilt by association works both ways. Clearly you and the Left are selective in your indignation. The Democrats and Obama have made company with plenty of hate mongers and dividers lately. Where is the left/you on those associations? Answer;silent or even worse apologetic.

Scott Armstrong said...


Look back on the past eight years and remember how a nation that elected "the 1st Black President" became one of division, mistrust, anger,rage and victimization. How did that happen? The Left's narrative is that the Right/angry white guys caused it. The Al Sharton's , Reverend Wright's, Black Lives Matters, imposed White Guilt, and the then president's complete and total failure do anything except fan the flames had nothing to do with it. Really?

ironpigpen said...

As a proud ethnic German who has never made any secret of his support for Israel, I just could NOT be any more offended by this kind of neo-Nazi GUTTER GARBAGE. I completely understand that the Left is utterly devastated that crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton's long-anticipated Grand Coronation was abruptly canceled because the in-the-tank Lame Stream Media had been telling everyone for months and months and months that Trump would be smashed to smithereens. But that is still no excuse for the Left's consistently disgusting, to speak nothing of disgraceful, behavior ever since Trump won.

Scumbag Saul Alinsky wanna-bes spoiling for some kind of violent confrontation, that's what the Left has quickly degenerated into.


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

The left has not been able to win the debate, so as usual they stoop to labeling those that disagree with them with the usual insults. They want to label Trump supporters as anti-Semites, but look at the world, Who are the real anti-Semites? Is anyone surprised that as the demographics of Europe changed with an influx of Muslims from the middle east, anti-Semitism increased. Has anyone looked at who are the new Anti-Semites in our country. We are led to believe that this is white right wing Trump supporters. The democrats are willing to overlook anything that would hinder their embrace of their new minority group they are pandering to. The hatred of Jews does not stop just because they moved to another country.

JoshLCowen said...

Anti-Semitism and Trump? Really? This guy gas no history like that at all. Tombstones tossed in Philadelphia? How many Skinheads do you think live there? My guess it was more likely the work of Obama's henchmen. Yes, Obama, the President who openly 'dissed' the leader of Israel; who bent over backwards to support the enemies of Israel; who gave billions to Iran, a nation that openly promises to push the Jews into the sea.
What is never written about it the anti-Semitism of black America. After 70 years of American Jews leading the Civil Rights movement, often to their own detriment (one wonders how many of their kids have lost college admissions and job opportunities due to the Affirmative Action and quote programs they championed), and voting for the interests of black Americans even as Jews and other of us evil majorities pay the bill.
Look no further than Jesse Jackson who famously called New York City 'Hymietown' and who is still lionized by the Democrat Party to see who are the real anti-Semites.

Jamie Kelton said...

When I hear (or read) that President Trump is an anti-semite, I usually respond "What has he done for you to think that?"

The response is usually babbling or silence.

If you want to identify an Anti-Semite, look at President Obama.

LVCI said...

If Obama was the great divider wouldn't it stand to reason these attacks (both on JCCs and Mosques) would have been taking place in this frequency while he was in the office over the last 8 years? If people are going to hold accountable everything that happened under Obama's time in office why shouldn't the same apply to this administration's?

I'm not accusing Trump of anything But no one with a reasonable mind can apply one set of standards completely opposite to those they set for the previous administration. This makes no sense.

There's constantly references here accusing others of hate and being sore losers.. yeah like we never saw that over the last eight years coming from the right. Two wrongs don't make it right for either side engaging in such nonsense. I really wish we could get off this merry-go-round traveling around in circles getting us no where.

Of course the usuals will check in accusing me of being a Obama supporting excuse maker with my blinders on. Let me explain. I left the church years ago. Never joined any club, movement or signed a union card. I can't stand anyone speaking for me. Simply put I'm not a joiner--so I'm use to being ostracized by people who get pissed off because I won't play nice. I don't have dependence on someone agreeing with me. So there you go. Make yourself happy--let me have it. I could care less I know who I am.

Lucky I wasn't around during the civil war, I'd be shot early on eh?

Jamie Kelton said...

LVCI. What has President Trump done to make you believe he is an Anti Semite? Please fill the page with all the things you believe he has done to make you believe that.

LVCI said...

I said "I'm not accusing Trump of anything. Don't put words in my mouth for things I never accused him of.

LVCI said...

Jamie, If you want to identify an Anti-Semite, look at President Obama
I should ask you the same thing since your the one who made this accusation.

Jamie Kelton said...

Since you asked LVCI, When Obama and Kerry combined to imperil Israel by entering into an horrific deal with Iran.

When Obama insulted the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, treating him like a beggar from Jerusalem, forcing him to wait outside while the Obamas dined.

As Keith Ellison, whose anti-Semitic record of back-biting against Israel and Jews has been exposed, rises within Democrat ranks Obama do not object.

Obama did not condemn the anti-Semitism of Al Sharpton. In fact, an Obama began his second Presidential campaign by meeting with Sharpton’s organization.

Kerry and Obama ambushed Israel at the very end of Obama’s term, refusing to veto an anti-Semitic United Nations Security Council resolution that declared an outright lie: that Jews have no connection to East Jerusalem?

Did I glaze your eyes over yet ?

Scott Armstrong said...

The truth is many so called "hate acts/vandalism/assaults have been proven to be hoaxes already, the Black church in the South with "Trump" spray painted on the side, is one of many examples.The left has used the so called uptick in this sort of activity to besmirch Trump and by implication his voters. That sort of dastardly is sadly typical of the left who honestly feel the ends justify the means.
Frankly who could blame the poor liberal suckers who only watch the mainstream media for information. They could reasonably conclude the election was stolen with Russian help and handed to a racist fascist bent on destroying the world and throwing millions of people out of the county. That kind of Hate Speech broadcast as news incites violence.That makes burning a church and making it appear a Trump voters was responsible may have seemed justified to the liberal perpetrator. Now we are supposed to believe,according to Democrats/liberals/media Trump is the reason Jewish headstones are kicked over and defaced. Sorry no logic, or evidence to support that smear. Frankly, the side that is angry now is the left not the right. We are in a good mood. The evidence is out there, plenty of it, that the left has already lashed out with very ugly actions. Isn't it safe to assume those who are angry are more prone to violence? Answer;yes.

LVCI said...

"Kerry and Obama ambushed Israel at the very end of Obama’s term, refusing to veto an anti-Semitic United Nations Security Council resolution.... Did I glaze your eyes over yet ?

Not really. Since I don't want to hog up MM's blog I'll address this last issue short as possible. There are two POVs. One is for and the other against a "single state solution". This country's policy always has been for two states. If you're accusing Obama of being anti-Semitic then so too all before him along with the pope and 10's of other nations throughout the years who feel otherwise. As far as Trump he could care less either way. According to his own words he'd leave it up to both sides to figure it out for themselves. So we can't be certain what he'd do if it came up before the U.N. again. I would caution against judgment solely based on this issue alone. As for the others in all fairness to Michael's blog they'd take too long to address here

ninoshinkicker said...

LVCI said: "If Obama was the great divider wouldn't it stand to reason these attacks (both on JCCs and Mosques) would have been taking place in this frequency while he was in the office over the last 8 years?"
The answer is simple. Jew haters didn't have to express themselves through vandalism. Obama did it through policy.

TRENT HALL said...

All the alt right Jew haters from Ted Nugent & David Duke on down urged their supporters to vote for Trump, because they believed that a campaign that played to white power & anti-immigrant hysteria would also naturally share their anti-Semitic views, and that more violent actions against Jews & their property after the election would not receive the prosecutoral attention from a Trump administration DOJ that such conduct would receive under a Hillary Administration.

Considering that one of Sessions first acts has been to withdraw DOJ support from opposing blatant anti-voter laws in Texas & North Carolina that appellate courts had ruled and dropping DOJ prosecution for police violations of excessive & lethal force against unarmed citizens and Trump's assertion that desecration of Jewish cemeteries may be false flag operations and that Obama is behind folks telling their Republican Congressman not to take away their healthcare and that prosecution for weed use in States that have legalized same is his major criminal prosecution priority, (what happened to States Rights...oh yeah, only if they discriminate against gays).......yeah, I would say it is a bigot's wet dream of an Administration. So what if Trump himself is not a bigot? If his campaign enabled bigots and his Administration effectively does nothing to curb bigots, then he earns the label of bigot tody.

Scott Armstrong said...


Again, thanks for the lovely illustration of the ugliness of the left.

ironpigpen said...

Well, there goes Trent Hall again, obviously bent on provoking violent confrontation by pushing his special brand of gutter garbage. But I, for one, would like to see Trent Hall prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that all this cemetery vandalism was NOT the handy work of Muslim immigrants who brought their anti-Semitic beliefs and behaviors with them from their native country. And also prove that he does not beat his wife unmercifully everyday because, hey, ANYBODY can toss out ALL KINDS of unsubstantiated allegations anytime they want in order to help them cope with the fact that crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton's expected Grand Coronation was abruptly canceled.

TRENT HALL said...
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michael molovinsky said...

I would like to remind my readers that comments should address the post, not other readers. I also ask my readers to refrain from generalities about where both conservatives and liberals get their news. unfortunately, most sources today have an agenda, whether it's fox or msnbc. i have disabled further comments for this post.