Mar 21, 2017

Allentown's Republican Primary

Local Republican Jews and Republican Hispanics have something in common, they can fit their meetings into small rooms.  Because of Obama's attitude toward Israel,  the Jews now need a slightly larger room than they did before,  but this post is about Hispanics.

I wasn't surprised when Luiz Garcia announced his candidacy.  I had mentioned his interest on this blog before he made it official.  Although Luiz survived the challenge yesterday in court,  the real hurdle will be on primary day.  There are very few registered Hispanic Republicans in Allentown. Those readers afflicted with political correctness may take some umbrage with this post. They might ask me to clarify if I believe that Republicans won't vote for a Hispanic,  at least in Allentown.  Frankly dear,  I don't give a damn about political correctness. My point is that whatever cache Garcia might have with Hispanics, it won't help him in the primary.  He's on the wrong ticket for that benefit.

Nat Hyman is strongest in the deep West End, where the party faithful largely reside.  If Garcia would happen to prevail in May, he might well be a stronger candidate in the general election next fall.  In the meantime, the publicity from Garcia surviving the challenge can only help his candidacy.


Scott Armstrong said...


Nat has one big advantage. Money! He can self finance his campaign. That said, Luiz is a very articulate, passionate and attractive candidate for many reasons. As one of the few active Allentown Republicans I can write with some authority that we are excited about his campaign and pleased he survived the challenge.
Luiz will be communicating his message, a very Republican message, to Allentown's Latinos and other residents who want a new direction in the city. This is a big step in the right direction for those of us who see years of failure and corruption as the real legacy of one party/Democratic rule in the city.

Dave said...

Mr Molovinski

I'm sure that Luiz Garcia will make a fine nominee. However, the reality is that whatever campaign he puts in front of the voters, it's really much ado about nothing.

His future in politics is outside of the city limits, not within it.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

Alas, I agree with Dave @7:15.

That's the bad news.

The *good* news is that I think Det. Garcia's future in politics outside the city limits is *enormous*. He really is a heck of a guy, and, if Allentown still elected Republican Mayors, he'd do a great job for the city.

Allentown's loss will be a statewide (or even national) seat's gain...