Feb 1, 2017

The Pawlowski Plan

Readers of this blog know that I have posted previously that Pawlowski is ingratiating himself with the smaller minority congregations and businesses.  It was apparent to me that his strategy was to cobble together enough votes to win, in a very crowded Democratic primary.  I learned on Monday from a hispanic activist, that he is busier at this task than I imagined.  He is attending every event that he hears about, including family birthday parties.  This source told me that for the most part these people are oblivious to the corruption investigation,  but are flattered that the mayor is visiting with them.

Another interesting phenomena is the Pawlowski freelance goons.  I call them freelance, because I have no reason to believe that Pawlowski is behind their actions.  One young man attacks me on facebook as a jealous hate blogger, because I criticize Allentown policy.  Ironically, he feels justified in attacking a person, because that person takes city policy to task.  I didn't know that cities had feelings, or were that sensitive.  Another person has been bullying for Pawlowski since before his first election, in 2005.  Talking of irony, Pawlowski, in addition to putting up photos of the small businesses and congregations, keeps also posting about being kind. Those of us who have taken his city policy to task, have often been personally insulted and smeared by that very advocate of kindness.


Dave said...

Like him or not, Ed is out there hustling for votes. I'd bet money if it snows any substantial amount, he'd be out there with a shovel cleaning sidewalks and talking with people. He wants to keep his job and knows that the more opposition there is, the better his odds are.

Name recognition and getting his face out on the street is his campaign plan.

pathfinder said...

Ed's name is tarnished and try as he may I do not think he will prevail. As for Name recognition, Ray O'Connell is well known by the citizens of Allentown and has a better record than Ed.

Jeffrey Anthony said...


Mr. O'Connell is a real gentleman and will certainly be able to bring some class and decorum back to Allentown City government.

You say, "Another person has been bullying for Pawlowski since before his first election, in 2005." Are we talking about someone who is, shall we say, particularly "Grace-less"?

I haven't seen much of him lately. Did someone put him in his place?