Feb 16, 2017

Raining Mayoral Candidates In Allentown

Allentown's Mayoral fountain runneth over.  There are no less than seven candidates on the Democratic side.  This post will limit itself to the four forerunners.  After the last election, and before the FBI investigation,  this blog already reported that both Sam Bennett and Charlie Thiel sought to be our next mayor. Both then claimed that they would openly oppose Pawlowski.  The current investigation has certainly made that decision less awkward.  Added to the mix is now Ray O'Connell.

As I've written before, with such a crowded field, it will not take many votes to win.  Pawlowski has been courting the small minority groups,  hoping to cobble together enough votes.  He is in a position to dispense favors, and promise more.  I believe that his name recognition and remaining power makes him the lead candidate.

Sam Bennett started early, and is an experienced organizer.  This is a Democratic town, and being a woman in this Hillary era, can only help her. She will certainly draw a substantial number of votes.

Charlie Thiel likewise has been on the scene for years.  He is a school board member who has the support of Jennifer Mann.  He has long standing ties with both the business and religious communities.

Ray O'Connell, in addition to currently being president of City Council, was an Allentown school principal.  He has been concentrating on the west end vote, which always has the highest turnout.

My preference would be anyone but Pawlowski.  The three others mentioned above bring a lot of talent to the race. Even among the three not mentioned, there are many qualifications.


Dave said...

The more candidates in the Democratic Primary, the more the vote is split. The likely outcome is Pawlowski winning the nomination due to name recognition by the voters with maybe 20 percent of the vote, likely less.

That means a fourth Pawlowski term in the Mayors office.

Scott Armstrong said...

The Democrats are laying the groundwork for a Pawlowski primary victory. Typical Allentown story.

doug_b said...

Remember Marion Barry?

ironpigpen said...

I think Molovinsky's earlier assessment that certain segments of Allentown's population, perhaps large enough to make a difference in what is typically a "low-turnout election", just might sympathize with a person who is always seemingly being harassed by "The Man" is not so far fetched.

michael molovinsky said...

as i stated in previous posts and comments, there will absolutely be a marion barry factor in pawlowski's favor with certain segments of the minority populations. this is not speculation on my part, i've made inquiries within those communities.