Feb 9, 2017

In The Lehigh Valley Of Sacred Cows

If anyone is wondering what the issue was with my letter to the Morning Call about Wehr's Dam, the issue was me.  One of the consequences of having criticized the paper and various sacred cows over the last decade, is that my letters are submitted to a much higher level of scrutiny. Almost all the letters that they print have assumptions and opinions.  It is, after all,  the Opinions Page.  My previous letter on Wehr's Dam, before the referendum, took over a month of negotiations to have printed.  In the end, it was only printed because Bill White declined to make corrections to his piece on Wehr's Dam, and suggested instead that I write an editorial.

One must understand that we live in the valley of sacred cows and denial.  Only here can the township manager of South Whitehall go to work for the townships largest property owner and developer, and not raise eyebrows.  Only here can Allentown's biggest developer actually now own the newspaper building.

For the sake of journalism and access to news,  the Morning Call should be printing this blog as a daily column, instead of repressing my occasional letters.


Monkey Momma said...

I still think the biggest connection between Whitehall and the Wildlands is the familial connection. (Of which I can never remember the specifics, and I hope you'll remind me one more time who's related to whom in both agencies.)

While everyone continues to crow about Trump, the politics close to home go unchecked, as your post suggests.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@9:00, the cfo of the wildlands conservancy is the father of south whitehall's park director. the wildlands designed the park master plan, which still calls the destruction of the dam. the township allowed the wildlands to poison the water with the state DEP, in regard to the dam. although, i documented all this to the morning call, they declined to print my letter, citing "assumptions" on my part.

chris kocker, president of the wildlands, had said in 2014 that if the township commissioners voted to keep the dam, they would stand down. they never did. instead they forwarded an engineering report to the state claiming that the dam has structural issues. now that the residents of south whitehall have passed a referendum supporting keeping the dam, even with a tax increase, he still hasn't "stood down"

the only assumption i make is that the morning call is providing cover for another sacred cow, the wildlands conservancy

JoshLCowen said...

Imagien that...an opinion piece with 'assumptions'. Heck, every story they write or print about global warming, cooling, climate change (take our pick) has assumptions. Among the biggest assumption is that we know exactly what the temperature in the north pole was in 1850, etc.

TRENT HALL said...

You just don't get it, Mr. MM. You have to listen more closely to Sean Spicer & Kelly Ann Conway.....if you want to get "the truth," you have listen to the President, not the news media. Likewise, you are not the truth about park land issues, rather one has to listen to the Morning Call & The Wildlands Conservancy.

Josh, science is determined by assumptions verified by data. There are geological markers that indicate fairly accurately what the conditions & temperatures of areas in the past were, just like calculations can predict in advance when comets & eclipses will occur. The increased rate of carbon absorption & the effects of climate change are measurable data, not mere assumptions.

JoshLCowen said...

Trent Hall: "Garbage in--Garbage out."


ironpigpen said...

The Democrats said over and over and over again that their phony "Global Warming" wealth-transfer scam was infinitely more of a clear and present threat than the bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists (the guys who like to distribute graphic videos when they go around chopping people's heads off) --- and the American People let the tone deaf, out of touch Democrat Party know exactly what they think of such utter non-sense in the last Presidential Election.

By the way, how much of a "carbon footprint" did the free-loading Obamas leave behind flying around all over the place on separate planes to all those extravagant, expensive vacations paid for the American Taxpayer that they took over the course of eight incredibly long years?

I'm not even going to ask what Al Gore's "carbon footprint" was but I will say that I'm exceptionally glad his Global Warming Flying Circus has seemingly ended.