Jan 31, 2017

A Jew At St. George

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend the Heritage Festival at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, and the privilege to met Khouria Minerva Sabbagh, wife of Rev. Fr. Anthony Sabbagh. Khouria is a term of honor, conveying the significant role she plays in the life of the church. The numerous children delighted in the kiddie rides, adding smiles and giggles to their heritage experience. Needless to say, the middle eastern food was lovingly made by doting grandmothers. Although the Syrian community was out in force, the annual festival attracts a large, diverse crowd. During high school, I would occasionally attend midnight mass with a Syrian friend. In the small world of Allentown, one of Khouria Minerva's daughters is now married into that family. Although the festival was  joyous, with current events, we must keep the Syrian community in our thoughts and prayers. 

reprinted from June 2013

UPDATE January31,2017: Today's Morning Call has an article and video in which Rev. Sabbagh supports the concept of Trump's ban, but criticizes the way it was implemented. The article accurately explains that the Syrian Christian community generally supports Assad. Both he and his father defended the Christian minority in Syria. While the article even mentions the tension between Allentown's older Christian community, and the newer Muslim immigrants, it overlooks another fact about the community in Allentown. The older Syrian Christian community referred to in my two posts, were a united Democratic block in this city.

Today at noon I will reprint a post on the large political influence of the small Syrian community. You're welcome to return.

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Paul Fiske said...

Thank You Michael,
For following up on the news of this Amazing Allentown and Lehigh Valley Syrian Community. I was honored to serve them, and become very friendly with all, while in business for decades here & throughout this Region.
Paul J. Fiske (The Old Allentown Curmudgeon)