Jan 12, 2017

A Farewell To Hope With No Change

In my lifetime I listened to a lot of presidents speak.  The first one I remember is Dwight Eisenhower.  Although he wasn't much of a speaker,  certainly John Kennedy could turn a word. However,  I have never heard anyone better than Barack Obama.  Obama is so eloquent he need not restrain himself with the truth or facts.

The Democratic choir in Chicago Tuesday night heard Obama concede that  although the factory jobs are gone, we still need more unionization.  In the same paragraph, he also advocated for a larger safety net.  Old mantras die hard.

One of the most glaring reality checks about the speech is that Chicago is the murder capital of the world, with over 750 fatal shootings in 2016.  Hope alone can't get you safely down the street.

As Obama's golden words soared away from practicality, he cited his effort to close Guantanamo Bay, and avail our terrorist enemies the benefit of our justice system in New York City.

The disconnect between empty words, no matter how well spoken, and current events, is why Trump is being sworn in next week.


doug_b said...

A man who can lie with impunity, and ignore the facts, and believes his own lies, is a dangerous man. He reminds me of the Beatles song: The Fool On the Hill.

I think 'Hope and Change' was a secrete phrase - but I never figured out what it meant. Hope for what? Change - change what?

With 10,000,000 more people on SNAP, having expanded and bankrupted SSDI, lowest labor participation rate in 50 years, lowest home ownership in 50 years, if you like your doctor... the average family will save $2,500.... skyrocketing premiums, allowing unchecked illegal immigration, zero interest rate policy - millions of retirees getting NO interest from their money market accounts - for 8 years!

Not being a wise ass: What was supposed to be the Hope and Change? All I can figure it was something about 'free stuff' - free rent? free college? free health care?

I wonder how the number of shootings / deaths per-capita in Chicago compares to Allepo.

I think Trump is our last chance. I've heard that Trump intends to change Obama phones into alarm clocks.

Mike Baker said...

First, Obama phones are Bush phones. Second, if you think Trump gives a rat's ass for the working class after stacking his cabinet with oligarch billionaires, you're dreaming. The con man lied his ass off and pulled the wool over the working class to get elected.

ironpigpen said...

The working class either did not show up for and/or flat out rejected both Barrack Hussein Obama's policy - which he, himself, said was the ballot this election - as well as his hand picked heir to the throne, Hillary Rodham Clinton. So now the left wing lunatics are now back to blaming Bush when they could be out doing important stuff like blocking a bridge to disrupt normal, everyday traffic thereby inconveniencing countless ordinary people simply trying to get to and from work? So glad the nightmare that has been the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Obama is FINALLY coming to and end.

justsayit said...

Slick Barry is a chameleon who will say anything to keep his foot in the door, although the door is always wide open for the New World Order's puppet candidate. A puppet who can say or do anything without the Constitution as a reference, that old, outdated rag written by contemptible white types like Jefferson. Contemptible because, regardless of enlightenment, genius, eloquence, foresight and decades of altruistic sacrifice, all commodities as rare as common sense is today, in another time in a galaxy far away Jefferson and some of his contemporaries owned slaves. He owned slaves like the leftist Democrats own them today. We are in a state of coup and anyone who doesn't believe that should pull his/her head out. Never in the history of our democracy has a president flagrantly disregarded our manual of operations, our Constitution, for his entire term, had intimate family ties with anyone who would pronounce in public, "God FUCK America!" and from the pulpit, or allowed the nurturing of deviant cultures hell-bent on our destruction, and welcomed a flood of the same to refresh their numbers, to cross our borders alive. Never in our history or in the history of any other democracy that I know of, has a presidential candidate and subsequent president-elect been maligned or publicly undermined by outgoing leadership and their rapturous minions by the millions including hysterical members of the media. Our entire democracy is at stake here. Even locally-elected officials, in our very own tiny PA 'burbs find any excuse to excoriate Trump, but that is another story for now. I am reminded of a time when, living in NYC, I waited with other pedestrians (it's NYC) to cross a busy Brooklyn street. When the light took longer than expected to change, one of them spat, "Damn Giuliani! That's Giuliani's fault." Yes, folks, that's what we have, with malice aforethought and intent to do evil on a national scale. Wake up and smell the pavement. If it walks like a coup, smells like a coup and sounds like a coup, it's a coup.

justsayit said...

In reply to doug_b:
According to a recent report that was barely noted in the fake media, Chicago, a class-structured city (my opinion here), has a murder rate higher than NYC and Los Angeles combined. Higher than casualty numbers for US troops in Iraq.
Run by a leftist democrat mayor who was deeply planted in that toddlin' town by a leftist president and puppet of the NWO, and with the strictest gun laws in the nation. What does that tell anyone with any sense at all? Do you want every town in America to look like Chicago? Either shut up and keep picking that cotton, or wake up and speak out, steadily and relentlessly, in huge numbers to those who think they own your... vote.

doug_b said...

I realize with the election of Trump, how close we were to losing the US.

From the reaction of the press, the liberals (really leftists), Democrats, and the entertainment community - I realize there was a conspiracy against our Country, it's Laws and Democracy.

I now do believe Obama is an NWO leader. As an example I'll pick immigration. Why would he allow unfettered immigration from Mexico and Latin America? And he invited it. While in the US there are millions of citizens that could use economic help, that is being given to illegal aliens. Further, the US keeps going into debt to the tune of $1,200,000,000,000 ($1.2 trillion) a year. We are going into debt and accepting millions of indigent people. At the same time, our jobs situation is not good. I can't see the logic in this. It's clear that Obama wants the NWO.

I don't see this as a Republican or Democrat issue. Why would anyone want their country invaded, and turn their back on it?

I see how dictators come to power: Obama, the leader of the Democrat party, understands that allegiance to the party, is more important than common sense or the country. Additionally, this newspeak was installed in the government schools - which do more brain washing, than teaching.

We were really lucky to subvert this 'soft conspiracy' to take over our country. We have to work harder than ever to get this crap out of our schools and universities.

PS: 01/13/16 Just in from our DOJ: "CHICAGO — Chicago police have violated the constitutional rights of residents for years, permitting racial bias against blacks, using excessive force .... Officers endangered civilians, caused avoidable injuries and deaths and eroded community trust "

Seems like NWO to the very last day - Barry.