Dec 29, 2016

Obama's Pogrom Against Israel

Yesterday, Obama told Israel,  through his spokesman John Kerry, that Israel must decide if it's going to be Jewish or a democracy, and that it can't be both in its current  one state solution. Could you imagine him saying that to one of the Arab countries,  that they either have to be Muslim or democratic, but they can't be both.  This man has outright contempt for Israel.  Israel is concerned with survival.  Perhaps Obama needs to spend a few nights in Chicago's hood,  and learn what it's like to live in danger.

Kerry spent an agonizing seventy four minutes trying to justify throwing Israel under the bus at the UN.  In his drawn out speech, he inadvertently touched on some of the harsh realities of life in Israel.  While praising the United States for providing the Iron Dome, he mentioned that it saved countless Israeli lives.  Later in the speech, he said that a Palestinian state on the West Bank must not be hostile, like Gaza.  What a leap of faith that would take.  What words ever came out of Palestinian mouths to reassure Israel?  He even stated that a two state solution would stabilize a volatile region.  Does he know a place in the middle east that is calm.  Does he think that the carnage in Allepo has anything to do with Israel?  A Secretary of State who has accomplished nothing in the middle east, now in his last three weeks in office, knows the solution for Israel and the middle east.

While Kerry said that peace cannot be imposed,  he had no trouble  imposing a rebut of Israel.  He stated that his plan was approved by the world stakeholders.  In truth, the only real stakeholders are Israel and the Palestinians.  Kerry must know more than Netanyahu and Abbas.

I will not list and discuss his six point plan.  He started his speech by stating that the United States would be derelict if it didn't tell its friend the hard truth.  An hour and fourteen minutes later, he concluded the long speech by saying that in good conscience, the United States cannot do nothing. He  and Obama are neither a good friend, nor have a conscience about Israel.

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Scott Armstrong said...


Not even Obama thinks a Muslim country can be Democratic (even Turkey is going theocracy). A clear double standard. Have there ever been to more prominent pompous fools than Kerry and Barry?

Steven Ramos said...

The statement by Kerry made me think of this being the secular version of the inquisition - Renounce.

The UN resolution nearly declared a Palestinian state with the clause that Israel has no legal legitimacy in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. If the Arabs would declare it and if Israel accepted it the violence would continue. The problem is the Muslim desire to retake any land ever in their possession. A few years ago an imam asked the Pope to return a church to Muslims in Spain as a sign of good will nevermind a church stood at this site before the Muslim conquest. There is no effort on the Muslims behalf to return christian, jewish, hindu, or budhist lands, buildings, and holy sites. If the West evacuated every Jew to Texas new grievances would be made. Then they'ed want Greece or Spain back.

Don said...


ironpigpen said...

Obama has been doing nothing but making a big fool of himself on the world stage ever since Hillary Clinton's coronation was abruptly canceled.

doug_b said...

I think this is all part of Obama's 'World Apology Tour'.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Obama seems to be intent on creating as much chaos as possible before he is dethroned, he would like to insure that a Trump administration will fail in their relations with Russia and the middle east. We can only assume that he has more plans to make the next presidents job more difficult. For someone who seems to be worried about his legacy, it looks like he may end up in the same category as Kapernick. Obama had 8 years to make this decision, but waits till 3 weeks to go, this is not a foreign policy decision, it is a political decision to interfere with the Trump administration's plans, it is blatantly obvious to all. It's like leaving a load of crap on the oval office rug as he exits.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think it is absolutely moronic to refer to Obama's refusal to veto a no-new-settlement resolution as a pogrom, which you should spell properly before using in a headline. That diminishes the very real pogroms that did exist as well as your other arguments.

Dave said...

As anti-semitism is prevalent among leftist progressives, this is really not suprising. The only thing I would really be suprised is if this Muslim doesn't take any more shots at Israel as long as he has the power of the United States Presidency.

This last minute, rage fueled, meddling in foreign affairs will disappear like vapors in the wind once Trump takes the helm on 20 January, 2017. The Muslim is acting like a petulant, spoiled child in his final days, which is a fitting coda to his disastrous eight year reign. It's a testimony to the resiliency of our Republic that we have been able to survive eight years of the Muslim man-child and his Leftist administration. Using EO's to run a government is a duplicitous tactic at best and can fortunately be nullified by one stroke of President Trump's pen. Our relations with Israel may be bruised, but far from broken. The UN is an anachronism and a paper tiger. Their votes and opinions mean nothing.

Thank GOD there are only a few more weeks until he is fully and completely relegated into the dustbin of history where he belongs, along with his legacy, such as it is.

Dave said...

Also, this Muslim is doing what he does best - orchestrating chaos. That's what he did as a community organizer, and that is how he has governed these last eight, long, grueling years.

And we should not under-appreciate the influence of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. This Muslim listened to Wright's anti-semitic screed for 20 years. Black Liberation Theology coupled with his penchant of community agitation/corporate blackmail as applied to domestic and foreign policy.

LVCI said...

Obama Has a Stronger Record on Israel Than You Might Have Been Led to Think (2015)-- The two nations also have begun preliminary talks on a long-term package that would provide up to $45 billion in security assistance grant aid through 2028... Since Obama entered office, Israel has received more than $20.5 billion in foreign military financing.

Unlike President George W. Bush, who rejected Israel’s request for bunker-buster bombs, Obama became the first president to approve the sale of these advanced weapons,.. Unlike Bush, who gave Israel’s Iron Dome system a frosty response, Obama has led the way in funding and supporting the research, development and production of the Iron Dome... Obama also prevented the Palestinians from unilaterally declaring an independent state.

Under Ronald Reagan, the U.S. joined a Security Council resolution condemning Israel for its destruction of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility and, despite Israel’s strong objections, undermined the Jewish state's qualitative military edge by selling AWACS surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia... Dwight Eisenhower threatened to isolate Israel during the Suez War; and George H.W. Bush opposed loan guarantees to Israel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Obama’s military aid to Israel is breaking all records (Feb. 2016)-- The Obama administration is offering Israel “the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history,” an American official has confirmed... The Obama package would see US military aid jump to more than $40 billion over the 10-year period beginning in 2018, from the $30 billion in the program that began in 2008... Israel is the largest recipient of US military aid, according to Defense News, taking about 55 percent of the total.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excuse me for this long response-- but rest assured it will be my last on this apparent campaign of blind hatred towards all things Obama.

michael molovinsky said...

LVCI@12:48, your links were used as an excuse by kerry in his speech, to claim support of israel, l and justify the ambush. in truth the military aid packages are tied to cost fluctuations of defense contractors, in this case expensive F35's. the money given must be used on american arms and comes back to united states.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie@10:50, thanks for the spelling lesson, although you may not like my use of the term, i'll stick with my comprehension of the conflict in israel and the west bank. the palestinian leadership doesn't really want peace, as defined by obama. abbas praises the blood spilled in the attacks. under Arab/Muslim rule, Jews who attempted to pray at the wall were stoned from the mount above. when jordan occupied the west bank between 48 and 67, there were no jewish settlements, but no peace.

Scott Armstrong said...

If the people you are supposed to negotiate with have it in their charter to wipe you off the face of the earth, if the children of those you are supposed to negotiate with are taught to hate you from birth, if every effort to find peace through negotiations has resulted in failure because the other side isn't really interested in living in peace with you then why would you want to negotiate a two state solution that will provide a launching pad for these same people to make war on you from right next door? Therefore the message Mike communicated in his post seems entirely appropriate.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@5:39, while bernie tries to undermine my point because of a spelling error, allow me to quote Abbas from september of 2015: “We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah…the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet.”

this language incites violence and shows what sort of access jews and christians would have to their holy places under their rule.

ironpigpen said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

Bernie O'Hare is nothing more than a bad joke who lost his license to practice law and now attempts (highlight, underline and capitalize that, thank you very much) to demean and disparage ANYONE who even ATTEMPTS to to offer any differing world view other than his own warped version. I can assure you he has nothing more than 'spelling errors' to discuss. Meanwhile, I can categorically assure you that I, being a little more than aware of world history, fully well understood the meaning of the original (and ingenious) "progrom" title and openly applaud you for having both the pre-requisite intellect and COURAGE to write such things that would unquestionably ruffle the feathers of those who would rather be elevating "heroic protesters" busy engaged blocking a bridge and, thus, inconveniencing countless numbers of everyday, ordinary citizens just simply trying to get to and from work. O'Hare seems to forget the memorable day in September of 2011 when the Iranian schmuck Ahmadinejad showed up at the Untied Nations to declare that Israel should be 'wiped off the faced off the Earth'. I, on the other had, do not and am more than prepared to discuss that 'little' matter further anytime O'Hare wants to complain about, to quote, so-called "new settlements that must be stopped." Israel simply has the right to exist whether or not O'Hare or Obama or anybody, even Hitler, else likes it, period, end of story. Perhaps O'Hare can enlighten us all while trying to make the case for why Israel has no right to exist at his 'esteemed' blog in the not so distant future. Perhaps, but I have to doubt it big time.

Sincerely signed,

A Gentile Of Germanic Descent Who ALSO Knows A Thing Or Two About "Big Lies" And How They Are More Likely To Deceive A Greater Percentage Of The Population

Scott Armstrong said...

Bernie puts together a great blog.Does a lot of great writing. It is a huge service to the community. We have all made mistakes in our lives and Bernie has owned up to his. That is to his credit. Bringing that sort of stuff up in an effort to discredit him/his argument/point of view is a disservice to civil discussion.

TRENT HALL said...

The deranged Obama syndrome haters and fanatic Likud supporters are missing the point....what is your solution to the problem?

Do you really believe an Israeli posture of "let's negotiate over how we should split the cupcake while I continue to take bites out of your side" is going to succeed? That real estate deeds supposedly based on a god's promise to one tribe.....not told to, nor believed by, any other tribe.....especially by those tribes actually already living there for generations, is going to work?

That annexation or continued occupation will cause Palestinian resistance to simply evaporate? That American style "Manifest Destiny" that crushed semi-nomadic native Americans who lacked comparable firepower, is a model that can succeed with a large, quasi united Arab populace armed with lethal firepower and supported worldwide, save for the United States under Trump?

Trumpkin snowflakes.....put down the crack pipe and step away from the vehicle.

That Trump, with no knowledge of the region and a history of breaking his campaign promises is going to strike a deal for Israel? What could go wrong?

Seriously, can't you realize, as the rest of the world does, that religious irredentism (implicit in the Abrahamic monotheisms, but much exacerbated by its conjunction with modern American & Israeli "exceptionalism" fantasies/nationalism) creates nearly insuperable obstacles to peaceful coexistence? That a viable two state solution, not support for more Likud land grabs, is the only possible approach that can avoid endless violence?

Choose reason. Every time. Especially over sacred ignorance or dogmatic intolerance.

Still believe that right wing wishes & Trump "policies" are going to help Israel & make America great again? You should defecate in one hand and wish in the other. Let me know which one fills up first.

The bible is an ancient novel full of murder, corruption, homosexuality, bestiality, incest and cruelty. It is often read to children on Sunday.

God, Guns, Grits, Gravy, and Grifting......especially of the type personified by the Pastors Trump has selected for his Coronation, augur poorly for progress in America. The right wing, Orthodox religious nationalist Jewish Taliban dominating Israeli society now augur poorly for Israel.

Scott Armstrong said...


The solution to the problem is for the Palestinians to recognize Israel has a right to exists and to drop the hate. The next step is for Israel's other enemies to stop using the Palestinians as their proxies. Think this will happen any time soon? No chance! There is an adage Israelis like to use; if the Palestinians would disarm their would be peace, if Israel would disarm they would be destroyed.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

If the Obama adm. had taken this stance 4 years ago, it may have been able to have some relevance to forcing more dialogue, but the timing reeks of political calculation to undermine possible negotiations in the future.