Dec 26, 2016

Obama's Parting Shot At Israel

For those who support Israel,  Obama's parting shot of not vetoing the UN resolution against the little country, was not a surprise. He has demonstrated indifference to outright hostility, since his first term in office. Ironically, his middle eastern sympathies  provide little comfort to our citizens as we brace for possible attacks during this holiday season.  Support for Israel is a controversial issue, even among some Jews.  It is not my intention to debate the general topic here, but to note Obama's departure from the historical American position, of not imposing pre-conditions on a country surrounded by sworn enemies.

As a Jew, I'm perplexed as to why he garnered so much Jewish support, in both 08 and 012.  Jews, like other minorities, were nursed on the belief that the Democrats better represent them. Despite outright hostility to Netanyahu for four years, he loss only 8 points of Jewish support for his second term.

This post should not be misconstrued as a partisan indictment of Democrats.  Rather,  it is my contention that voters should mature beyond preconceived notions about one party or the other.


Dave said...

First, Happy Hanukkah to you. With regards to Obama, some of us here always been ridiculed saying that he is a Muslim and an Anti-Semite. This is just the latest stab in the back by him against Israel. He doesn't care about what Americans are saying because there is no downside to his actions. Now there is no denying that Obama has always been a Muslim Anti-Semite, and his actions prove that fact, over and over again.

Just look at his legacy. Race relations are at an all time low thanks to him. The FBI has no morale among its ranks, and attrition is very high. The CIA and Justice Department have been turned into partisan political entities. Due to his support for radical black organizations, police Departments have experienced mass desertions. The massive number of pardons he is issuing right now are flooding the streets with criminals at an all-time high. Illegal Aliens not being removed by deportation, even with Felony convictions and deaths. This country is in a hole thanks to him.

I honestly believe that in his heart of hearts he hates all of us and the United States.

LVCI said...

MM I can not agree with your headline "Obama's Parting Shot At Israel"

There are two lines of reasonings. One is the belief in a two state solution-- the other a one state solution. According to The Jewish Post (11/29/2016) Jimmy Carter encouraged Obama to take the two state solution path-- "The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on January 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done."

Bill Clinton also took this two state approach at the 2000 Camp David Summit on March 9, 2016 Newsweek featured an article which affirmed this was our policy for decades.

However then on July 10, 2016 according to this news source's headline- In Major Shift, GOP Rejects Two-State Solution-- "Rejecting decades-old policy, the Republican Party approved on July 12 a platform that does not include a call for a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.". One Jewish publication ((JTA)) on November 22, 2016 published this in response-- "The AJC was the latest organization to plead for preserving two-states as a favored outcome in a lengthy statement on Friday by its CEO, David Harris."

Here's My Point
Obama didn't do anything shocking Some believe there should be a two state solution-- others do not. Trump is one who is against a two state solution which is going against decades old U.S. policy. One can argue the two state resolution has failed. That's a viable argument. However to say Obama stabbed Israel in the back is not. He was simply following through on a decades old American policy (which many moderate Jews agree with). Whether Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump's alliance on this matter will be more fruitful remains to be seen. I personally believe after 2,000 years of bickering neither will succeed.

As far as claiming Obama being a Muslim at heart is beyond ludicrous. This kind of BS shouldn't be allowed to enter into discussion. It only serves to provoke and promote division in such a person's blind hatred of all things Obama.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Race relations are at an all-time low? I would think they were pretty low when slavery existed and families were being ripped apart. I think race relations now are probably better than they have ever been because our sons and grandsons are not the subtle bigots that someone like Dave is. As for Israel, its practice of continually building settlements is just pouring gas on a fire. But Israel is a solid ally, has enemies on all sides and is the region's only true democracy. For those reasons, the US should have exercised its veto.

Steven Ramos said...

It's simply because he's an ideologue. Too many Democratic members are left wing ideologues and they have certain beliefs that drive them; some being - the US Justice System is evil especially when laws are enforced against minorities so I expect many more pardons and a few infamous pardons, they love Communist Cubans but hate Cubans that come to these shores and accuse us of allowing those Cubans in because we are racists so ending the embargo without conditions for improved human rights is a goal to end Cuban migration and their Republican support, and Israel's 6 million people are evil because of the impact they are having on the poor 150 million Arabs that surround them - we'll just ignore that Israel has the freest Arabs in the whole middle east and turn a blind eye to the terror and tyranny Arab governments and representatives inflict on their own people.

Steven Ramos said...

As to the settlements, the "settlements" they are speaking of are within the boundaries of the Municipality of Jerusalem. The boundary wall is going along that line. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and they should be able to build in their capital as they see fit.

For comparison - Some years ago, when Arafat was alive, I read an article that Bethlehem, a majority Christian city, was having their boundaries expanded making it a majority Muslim city. Today many Christians have fled Bethlehem. No UN, EU, or USA condemnation followed.

JoshLCowen said...

I love when we hear of "decades of US support for a 'two state solution," or "decades of US support for a 'one-China' policy." Since when are we forever wedded to what used to be? Would these two-staters and one-China-types like to go back to slavery just because it was the 'law of the land' for decades and a centuries-old economic system? Surely not. And neither do I (for those who like to jump on analogies).
I'm no historian, nor a military guy; but it seems to me when a nation is attacked and then captures land from the attacker it is not the obligation of--in this case Israel--to give back the land to those who attacked them. How come the gutless UN never voted to demand the Soviet Union 'give back' the lands it rolled into after WWII?

LVCI said...

"Jerusalem is the capital of Israel"
This is disputable as so much is when it comes to Israel.

TIME Magazine-- Why Jerusalem Isn’t Recognized as Israel’s Capital

LVCI said...

"Since when are we forever wedded to what used to be?... it seems to me when a nation is attacked and then captures land from the attacker it is not the obligation of--in this case Israel--to give back the land to those who attacked them"

I don't think we need to be. But the point was made Obama deviated in some way far beyond what other past presidents have done. Obama doesn't own this alone. Back on January 10, 2008 Gorge W. Bush called on Israel to end occupation of Palestinian land .

Dave said...

Bernie, that's what has always been constant about you. You're always accusing someone that doesn't agree with you to be a "subtle bigot". That, my friend, is your bigotry showing. And also the intolerance from the left about anyone that doesn't agree with their beliefs.

Around 2000 or so Ehud Barak, when he was Prime Minister of Israel, he offered Yassir Arafat, the Egyptian claiming to be "Palestinian" nearly everything he demanded in order to achieve a settlement with Israel. This included returning all "Arab Land" to the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" with the exception of East Jerusalem. And Arafat turned it down. There is no desire on the part of the Arabs to accommodate any settlement with Israel; their desire is to destroy the Zionist State and slaughter every single Zionist that lives in it. They can't even call the people of Israel Israelis, they're "Zionists" in their eyes. And if you believe that it's only the Arab Leadership that believes that way, you're absolutely wrong. There is nothing that riles up Arabs more than hating Israel, even more than the Great Satan, who arms the Zionists and lets them kill their Arab brothers with the weapons they give them.

So where is the real reality for the "Two State" policy? There is no reality behind it. There is a hopeful blindness that the Arabs will accept Israel and allow them to live in peace. It's clear by his actions over the past eight years that Obama did not have the interests of Israel in his mind or in his heart. Israel is the only nation in the region that actually has fair and free elections. Every other nation is ruled either by the Military, a Dictator (who was a military officer), a King, or is some screwed up region run essentially by Muslim Terrorists. And all of those Arab Nations want the bomb to destroy Israel.

If you think the deal cut by Obama guarantees Israel's security and denies Iran the bomb, is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always die. Obama didn't make that deal in the best interest of Israel or the United States. It was in line with his anti-semitism and also to funnel the $400 Billion to Iran, with no price to pay by the Mullahs for their 40 years of Terrorism against the United States.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dave, You have consistently demonstrated, especially on my blog, that you are a bigot. Your gratuitous remarks about race relations and completely baseless accusations about Obama's religious beliefs and his own supposed anti-Semitism are just more evidence. Also, as I indicated, I disagree with Obama's abstention in a vote that will damage that region's only true democracy, but think the new settlements must stop.

TRENT HALL said...

People are entitled to their opinions, but tin foil hat Dave makes up his own facts: Without exception, every point he made is false:

1. Obama is not a Muslim; has often spoken about when he came to Christ, and the black churches he belonged/belongs to are quite charismatic. It is true that black churches may have portraits of Christ that show a dark skinned man rather than a Jeffery Hunter milk white skin type with blond hair & blue eyes, but, the historical Christ was a dark skinned member of the Jewish tribe of Judah, and the theological Christos, of course, can be, and is, of every color, since he is God incarnate to believers.

2. Obama is not Anti-Semitic; that is absurd. To the chagrin of the alt-right, his entire career in Chicago was supported by Jews; his most trusted advisers are Jews. He has given Israel more aid than any President.It is true that they are liberals and disagree with the Likud do most American Jews, the exception being the mostly orthodox. The abstaining on the settlements issue was long overdue, and consistent with declared American policy on the issue for decades. Trump may indeed state his Administration's policy will be support for the expansion of settlements and outright annexation of the entire West Bank by Israel, with the Arab population

3. Obama is pardoning people who received ridiculous sentences for grass...this criminal reform is long overdue and the "war on grass" is a disgrace, making otherwise law abiding people into criminals and corrupting law enforcement and preventing otherwise needed resources from helping society, instead bankrupting states into spending for prisons, and causing havoc to families.

4. Obama has increased deportations.....deported more than any President. He has shifted priorities from chasing down undocumented school age kids who have been here since birth or a few years old to deporting people convicted of serious crimes.

5. Dave is the only one in a (self-imposed) "Hellhole." The rest of us are doing fine; the economy Obama rescued from Bush is booming; even the Fed is raising rates now to cool it down abit. Unemployment is half of what it was when he took office; the stock market has been on a two year roll.

6. Police & federal law enforcement agencies always experience turnover; long hours, often mandatory overtime, office politics, and misplaced priorities sap morale. The widespread use of cell phones now have put a spotlight on abusive officers.....this is good; hopefully the bad apples will be more quickly weeded out. To quote Robert Kennedy, Dave when you can honestly say you would have no hesitation turning black for a day, and walking the street or being pulled over in your car by the police, with no worry you will not receive the same respect and care of a white person, then I will buy your race relations rant.

TRENT HALL said...

population permitted only local autonomy, not citizenship in Israel. This would be fine with the Likud, orthodox, and nationalist settlers. They are not Jeffersonian democrats, but, religious orthodox & right wingers, with no allegiance to "democracy" as we understand the terms. Those of us who believe this track would only portend endless strife & violence & total isolation for Israel believe Obama is helping Israel, by this UN abstention, to come to gripes with the fact that the Israeli right wing euphoria & jubilation fantasy over Trump's perceived opinions is only going to accelerate the distancing of American Jews from the increasing talibanization of Israel.

doug_b said...

It figures. Throw away our only ally in the Middle East. Obama is a closet Muslim.

He's an ideologue, his idea is that the US should be on par with 3rd world countries. Let them invade us though endless immigration. And if that's not enough, import more and more migrants. Then also more H1-B vistas, to dilute the jobs and pay of engineers and comp sci people. Actions speak louder than words. His actions have degraded the US and it's economy.

Obama could be the anti-Christ :)

Steven Ramos said...

For those that want to read the resolution: URL:

The resolution is declaring that Israel has no legal right even to the old city of Jerusalem. If enforced Jews and Christians, again, would have to depend on the kindness of the Muslim Arabs to let them visit the holy sites.

What Obama allowed is a betrayal of the regions only functioning democracy. Anyone with a sense of history knows that two country were formed after WW1 and WW2, one accepted, Jordan, the other, Israel, rejected and forced to fight for it's survival from day one.

LVCI said...

Doug & Steve have you read through the previous comments-- Especially Trent's?

The part where he said-- "population permitted only local autonomy, not citizenship in Israel.... They are not Jeffersonian democrats, but, religious orthodox & right wingers, with no allegiance to "democracy" as we understand the terms."

I've finally concluded there's only two kinds of people (not matter what stripes they wear)-- reasonable and unreasonable people. You two fit into the latter.

michael molovinsky said...

a little history lesson: when the UN divided the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab states, the Arab world rejected their part, mostly the West Bank, and attacked Israel in unison, within days of it's creation. Trans Jordan took over the West Bank and East Jerusalem for 19 years, from 1948 to 1967. In that period they were never referred to as occupiers.

Netanyahu lit a menorah at the western wall the other night. According to the new UN resolution, championed behind the scenes by Obama, Israeli claims on the Jewish Quarter are illegal.

ironpigpen said...

Good news is Barrack Hussein Obama will not be President of the United States telling Israel they have to go back to pre-1967 borders, yacking on about lines in the sand that shall not be crossed, etc., etc., etc., much longer!

Scott Armstrong said...


Was away for the holiday and unable to post. Wanted however to ad my two cents. Obama's U.N. vote was despicable. I vindictive swipe that will have negative repercussions far into the future. It was all about getting even with Netanyahu, a far, far better man than Barry can ever hope to be, and he knows it. That's why he hates him so passionately.

TRENT HALL said...

Hey Doug, you really ought to get out more often, and stop getting your "news" from talk Radio and Faux News cable.

Once again, every sentence in your screed is incorrect. Contrary to your claims:

1. Obama has relatively little to do with the over all economy. It is true that in his first year his push to save the auto industry, in which one in five Americans is impacted in some measure, constituted affecting the economy in a big way, but, save for low information voters, this was considered vital. And the industry paid it back, plus profit for the Treasury. Since then, the major player affecting the economy is the Federal Reserve, not Obama. While obviously not all boats have risen, in general the economy is doing well.

2. Immigration from Mexico has decreased, and the flow is actually more of them going back to Mexico, albeit because more American Republican CEO members of the NAM have relocated their plants to Mexico to take advantage of the lower wages & lack of safety/environmental measures and, of course, absence of unions. At our end, the reason undocumented immigrants come and stay in the first place is because Republican CEO's of BIG AGRICULTURE/BIG MEAT PACKING/ and all manner of sanitation/lawn services companies lure them here. By a wink & nod they eagerly flaunt the law and hire them. Obama has nothing to do with this.

TRENT HALL said...

3. Now, to give Doug some due, it is true that many BIG TECH CEO's are Democrat supporters, but, this reflects mostly a west coast progressive social/cultural morales & attitude, rather than political views. However, they are the ones pushing for expanded H1-B visas to hire cheaper Asian/Indian tech workers, not Obama.

3. I stay away from religion on this site, but, if you are pushing Obama as the Anti-Christ, bear in mind Revelations, wherein it is prophetized the Anti-Christ promotes himself as "The One." Ring a bell? The only politician who has said he alone can & WILL change things is Trump. Clinton said it takes a village; Obama said Yes, WE can, not I alone can. And, for those who say the Anti-Christ has to be a Jew, well, Obama has NO Jewish blood, not even through marriage. Trump's daughter is Jewish, and her husband, an orthodox Jew, is considered Trump's most trusted advisor. I think it may be time Doug for you to stay hidden in your survivalist bunker, because the UN black helicopter squadrons sent to confiscate your guns are going to be distribute them to Planned Parenthood & Black Lives Matter.