Oct 28, 2016

South Whitehall's Backscratchers

South Whitehall, as a consequence of uncontested elections for commissioner seats, now has a government of exchanged favors.  While Wehr's Dam demolition is being put to a disingenuous referendum to accommodate the Wildlands Conservancy,  they are wasting money repaving streets that were in good shape. They paved in front of Temple Beth El on Yom Kippur, and even came into the synagogue to tell the worshippers to move their cars.  Because a truck parked in front of a commissioner's building,  they banned on street truck parking.  They then created a truck parking zone, by permit only, in front of the new state enforcement building behind K Mart.  When it was revealed that the State Police will not allow parking there for security reasons, the commissioners went ahead and passed the new truck parking ordinance anyway;  Talk about Catch 22!

If you're a South Whitehall resident and would like to complain about any one of these absurdities, be prepared to wait several hours at the meetings. South Whitehall is the only municipality in the valley which puts courtesy of the floor at the end of the meeting.


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