Sep 6, 2016

A Reflection on Allentown

After the lily ponds were rebuilt about five years ago, there was little attempt to restore the water lilies. The park department now calls them reflective ponds; Actually, they are a reflection on how much Allentown has changed for the worse. There is now one(1) lily growing in one(1) of the ponds.

The parks were a great source of pride to Allentown. Shown above, the linen postcard probably dates back to the mid 1940's. None of the houses on either Parkway Blvd or Ott Street have yet to be built.

A presentation, summary and discussion of a circa 1930 map of Allentown's business district, showing the leading merchants of that era.

The session will be held at the Coffee Shop Without Limits, located at the Alternative Gallery, on 4th Street, just north of Tilghman.

The short session will begin at 2:00 pm  tomorrow,  Wednesday, September 7th.


Jamie Kelton said...

Where are these ponds are located.? These aren't the ponds that are in the Rose Garden are they? I was looking on Google Earth and saw nothing to the south of Muhlenburg College that looks like this.

michael molovinsky said...

jamie@10:15, yes, the ponds are in the rose garden, below it toward the creek. the view is standing on the southwest side of the last pond and looking northeast, toward muhlenberg, before the houses and new college buildings. however, i also suspect that the postcard company took some poetic license and condensed the distance and hill between the ponds and the college.

Jamie Kelton said...

:) ty. The Parks Department not giving a damn or not having the money or probably both. "We can't afford to buy new lilly plants, they're not in our budget."

michael molovinsky said...

the park department had the money to place new branded signs at all the parks. there's no glory or bullet point for a bureaucrat's resumé when he/she replaces or maintains something, like replacing lilies. thus, while our iconic park system degrades. they're always checking the national magazines for some new idea, or checking catalogs for some piece of plastic crap to buy. the parks are certainly no long picture postcard worthy.