Sep 30, 2016

2016, The Voting Against Election

In 2016, so many voters are going to the poll to vote against one candidate or another. Rather than who is more popular, it may come down to who is more disliked. Below are two local comments expressing that sentiment.

Flawed vehicle we are forced to own
That is for your average conservative an apt description of this year’s presidential race. Trump is not a conservative; he is not even a real Republican. He has no ideology as far as anyone can tell; he is, however, the candidate who became the nominee of the Republican Party. He is the only option conservatives have. We have to support him in order to arrest the country’s dramatic move to the left of the newly radicalized Democratic Party. Hillary has taken up the hammer and sickle from the term limited Obama and has vowed to preserve and extend the power of central authority. The pipe dream of a caretaker government, with open borders, free college education, single payer health care, a government controlled economy, and extensions of every sort of government assistance are being sold as a can do to a deluded nation that has apparently forgotten or was never taught that, historically, socialism provides us no record of long term success. To stop this march towards madness, bankruptcy, calamity, and destruction conservatives are forced to root for an inarticulate boob in the debates and pray this enigma of a man manages somehow to pull out a victory in November. To make matters worse, he is not only running against the Democratic Party but many of the nation’s moneyed interests (corporations, Wall Street, big labor) and last but not least, the media. Even with this massive assembly of power arrayed against him, he has managed to catch up to the power elite’s candidate/Hillary in the polls. It is nothing short of a miracle. None of this makes it any easier for those such as me who wonder who and what he is. His inability to articulate any cogent message is painful. His demeanor is an insult to comportment. He is unfortunately the champion that has been forced upon us. All we know is he is not Hillary, the candidate of absolute corruption that we detest and fear. We must support him because the alternative is just too terrible.
                                                  Scott Armstrong, Allentown

Considering the recent reports on her many and varied health issues, I thought she'd have to be carried off the stage, but she held up pretty well. It was I who nearly fell off my chair when I heard her strongly imply that there were "moral" differences between her and Mr. Trump that make her clearly the better candidate. Since when is morality a strong point in the Clinton household? A lawyer fired for being a sneak, a first lady who muscled her way into the health insurance issues with a plan developed by nitwits, a Secretary of State who failed even to understand her responsibility to maintain confidentiality and security,and then quit the job, and a husband who's been off the track for their entire marriage but apparently still has political capitol she can spend on herself. This is a perennial candidate, who's strongest trait is hubris, not morality. As potentially the first woman president, she's a well-poisoner at best and a toxic dump at least. With Trump, there is immaturity and arrogance and vindictiveness, but I do believe he will listen to the people and have hope that he will make a few needed changes to immigration, national security and trade and debt, and maybe even keep us out of war. Like Obama, Hillary is neither listening nor talking to me.
                                                Christine Sforza, Whitehall


Michael, just read the comments of your viewers urging voters for Trump. I think September was Trump's high water mark. His obvious incompetence for the White House is now penetrating subliminally to rational Republicans. Enough of them are going to either not vote for President, or will even vote for Hillary, making up for the drop off in the black vote, that Hillary couldn't mobilize. You think Ford & Bush 41 & Bush 43 have been wiped out of the collective Republican memory? So that the only Republican President in modern history was St. Ronnie? Guess again. Trump will be like those "forgotten" Egyptian Pharaohs that successors kept defacing by chiseling their names off of the monuments. Never.To. Be. Mentioned. Again. He & Ailes will start Trump TV; and, of course, in perfect irony, it will not take audience share away from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC, but, will fragment a chunk away from Fox! There, folks will hear how Trump actually won the 2016 election, but, was was rigged. And how climate change is a hoax, black families were more stable under slavery, the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax, evolution is just a theory, creationism real, Jesus is coming back soon, the Holocaust never happened, and smoking does not cause cancer. The commercials will be never ending and continue to fleece the viewers like Fox and talk radio does now ........selling gold, reverse mortgages, meteorite insurance, "male enhancement" potions/devices, survival seeds and Depends....... targeting white non college & senior citizens to purchase Life Alert systems, stool softeners, and cheap flooring. And now, they will get pitched Trump shirts/ties/dresses etc., all made in China & Mexico. Gotta move product, you know.
                                               Hillary Supporter, South Florida


Scott Armstrong said...

Christine,nicely written and well expressed. Could not agree more.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Good analysis, it is true that Trump is inarticulate and not always a good politician, he has many flaws, but he has addressed the issues that concern many Americans, the country needs a re-alignment in its priorities, both in International relations and domestic policy, I believe, as does others, that our country is in serious trouble, financially and morally, if we do not address these problems now and start to correct them we may not survive as the free independent nation we have been. Trump and Clinton have given America a clear choice, stay with Clinton and continue our economic slide, corrupt crony Capitalist system, bankrupt our country with a flawed foreign policy and give up our sovereignty to international bureaucrats. With Trump, we have a chance to start to address the problems with our citizens best interest the guiding principle. It is really a long shot that Trump can overcome the corrupt media, the crony Capitalists who are only concerned with their profits, while they put working class Americans on government subsidies, and the elite ruling class. While trump is not the best candidate, he has one character quality that makes him the only person that has run who can start the renewal, and that is his tenacious ability to withstand the ferocious attacks from all sides. He has been under assault since the day he announced and is still standing.If he should win, I believe he may be able to withstand Washington, which very few politicians seem to be able to do.

Jamie Kelton said...

Donald Trump is the visceral reaction by the American people against the people in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, that have driven this nation into the ground for the past 20 years. Ever since Desert Storm, when we were at the peak of our post Cold War victory over the Russians, the nation has gone to hell in a hand basket.

We made more in 1990 in terms of real wealth than we do today, everything costs two or three or four times more. Just look at a car, for example, you have to pay $40,000 for a car that cost $15K in 1990, A house is well in excess of $300,000 for a new home in the suburbs, the schools are horrible unless you live outside of the city. Taxes are higher and higher Press 1 for English, it just doesn't end. Now it's the battle of the bathrooms and locker rooms Where does it all end?

Not with Hillary Clinton it won't. And the Republicans aren't any better Who was their alternative, Another BUSH? Good GOD

Hillary Clinton is a power hungry woman who cares more about money and influence than she does anything else. She mouths the words that people want to hear, but she's never done anything. Everything she has done for Obama has been a disaster, and we're supposed to VOTE for her?

Are you out of your mind?

Just what do you have to lose by voting for Trump? It can't get any worse with him, we know it won't change or get worse with Clinton. The first time I voted it was Clinton v Bush in 1992. It's over 25 years later and Clinton is still Running????

Time for something new.

Dave said...

Trump is the Howard Beale of today.

We've pushed away from the dinner table. We're tired of the same meatloaf served up by both parties.

doug_b said...

When you keep having to vote for the lesser of two evils - you wind up with more and evil.

Everyone is fed up with the status quo - except the politicians. The entrenched political parties want to retain their power and wealth generating scams. The Obama administration has taken lying to a whole new level: 94,000,000 people not in the work force, but the unemployment rate is less than 5% - does anyone believe this? The ACA forces US citizens to buy a third party product - health insurance - one the biggest scams going. 20% of the households have no wager earner.

I'm doubtful that we can take back the country. To do so, we would need a strategic plan. The congress can't even pass a budget, let alone work with a plan.

Our only option is Trump. Even if he is elected, it will take years to see the progress.

The "Entitlement People", socialists, and big government types will vote for Hillary. We can only hope the silent majority people with come out of the shadows and vote.

Jamie Kelton said...

doub_b I don't that Trump would be able to do everything he said he would. No one running for public office does anyway. He has to deal with Congress and the Supreme Court.

Reaslistically, what Trump can and I expect him to do is change the direction of the nation. Also there are several supreme court justices that are expected to retire. That's the real reason to support him. Good God, having 3 or 4 more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs or the two Obama put on the ourt would destroy what Republic we have with a monstrous federal government that controls everything from the time you're born until you die.

If Trump can pick the economy up from the doldrums and at least keep spending at current levels with some adjustments, then we'll have more money to pay off the national debt that is strangling everything. There isn't any money for other than the basics because more and more goes into paying off the interest on the national debt.

That's the nightmare no one wants to talk about... Democrat or Republican.

Scott Armstrong said...


Although the writing is convoluted, our Hillary supporter sticks to the Democrat script. Hate and fear of Republicans. That's all they have, they are on the wrong side of the issues. If Jeb Bush or any of the others was the nominee he would be receiving similar treatment by the Democratic Party/media.

Jamie Kelton said...

You see, this is why it's so difficult to support Hillary Clinton. Her supporter in the addendum you posted says nothing about why we should vote for her. Where does the supporter tell us why Hillary is a better candidate? What has she accomplished as Secretary of State that she can list on her resume' as a positive achievement that has made our nation better? Or as Senator? There is nothing there other than don't vote for Trump, he's the devil incarnate.

But then, when you have nothing to offer, all you can do is sling mud, which is exactly what Hillary and her supporters are doing.

How stupid do they think we are ?

Scott Armstrong said...

and notice, the mud slingers prefer to remain anonymous.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@3:46, for the record, the addendum came to me by email, as did your piece. i both edited it down in length and assigned a pseudonym, for my own personal reasons. dozens of my facebook friends have criticized trump using their real names.

Scott Armstrong said...

Mike, Curious they choose to comment to you directly rather than engage the public discussion on your site.

LVCI said...

Flip this around. Imagine this. What if Hillary was married three times cheating on the first two, didn't pay taxes, filed bankruptcy four times, called men fat pigs, stiffed her workers and contractors sold her merchandise made in overseas in sweat shops, refused to show her taxes, whined every time she turned around about how she was being treated, etc.... What would they call a woman like that? Hellva' double standard when it comes to Trump don't you think!

Scott Armstrong said...


If you want to find fault with trump you are in good company here. The point of this dialogue is that with all his faults in mind, Hillary is far worse. That is the discussion. Challenge that.

doug_b said...

The Hillary Supporter From South Florida States: " how climate change is a hoax, black families were more stable under slavery, the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax, evolution is just a theory, "

This is the Democrat way, ad hominem attacks. Don't like what a person has to say, label the person (racist / homophobic / xenophobic / etc) , and then they are forever marginalized.

It seems the Democrats are the most angry, hate filled group, if they think they won't get their way. The writer proves my point with his vitriol laden diatribe.