Aug 25, 2016

The Second Wave For Allentown Mayor

Last week I posted about the mayoral candidates already lining up in Allentown. Mentioned in that post were Sam Bennett, David Jones, Charlie Thiel, Daryl Hendricks and Ed Pawlowski. This post covers some additional potential candidates. Erika Bickford has been a long time fixture at city council meetings. She has already announced her candidacy to The Morning Call. Mark Smith has also been flirting with the idea of running. Smith ran unsuccessfully in the recent crowded school board election. That election was the most competitive for a seat in my long history of local election observations. Also hinting at a run for mayor is Luiz Garcia, a member of Allentown's police force since 2013. He thinks that he would bring some freshness to the political arena, if he decides to run. With the exception of Garcia, I have met or sat down with all the candidates at one time or another.

Pictured above I'm modeling one of my T-shirts from the 2005 election. These shirts are available for purchase in S, M, L, and XL at $495.00 each, which includes shipping.


Jamie Kelton said...

I see Mr Smith is a Republican. That puts him head and shoulders above the rest. Would like to know more about him.

michael molovinsky said...

jamie@10:36, smith was a commercial real estate investor, who i believe is winding that career down. he is a principal in the new sugar house restaurant and jazz club on 9th, south of hamilton. for more than that, he is welcome to comment.

doug_b said...

At $495 a Tee Shirt this has to be some kind of really low key Pay to Play? Could I get an ambassador post to the NIZ?

george schaller said...

Maybe if you would start by soliciting city contractors with the promise of hefty contracts with in the Z Zone first of all and than create a more lucritive benifit package that keeps on giving for those involved in the walk away monies of this failing enterprise! Than you too could have a better liklyhood of filling in right were this collective ponzie scheem has left off as official no3 is carted of to a fine federal institution? There are two numbers that are yet out of this hole picture as others have been named by there names?