Aug 12, 2016

The Fiefdom of South Whitehall

Users of South Whitehall's water got a surprise in their recent billing.  Although, previously charged for metered usage, the township started charging an additional base rate of $25 per quarter.  While, not so noticeable for larger users,  the add on stands out on the bills of small users.  Usually those users,  such as the elderly, are the ones least able to afford such an increase.  For many of the elderly, this change amounts to over a 50% increase in their bill.  The justification used by the township was a 4% increase in wholesale cost from the LCA, which only provides a portion of the township's water.  Understand, that this change increases the township's revenue by almost $1 million dollars, with no public input, what so ever.

Understand, that virtually no one attends the commissioner meetings,  where the local elected aristocrats enact  such changes under no scrutiny.  This specific increase was by the township's Board of Authority,  which is appointed by the commissioners.  South Whitehall has changed from an affordable, community based government to a aristocracy,  becoming more and more expensive for the same level of service. Uncontested elections do have consequences.

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